Thursday, June 16, 2011

O'Reilly, Coulter Display Remarkable Cluelessness

The below video is remarkable for the attack done on Ron Paul by Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, but  even more remarkable is the cluelessness they demonstrate while attacking the congressman.

Ann Coulter called Ron Paul "cowardly" and said he was dodging the question when he said government should be out of the marriage business. Duh? How was Ron Paul's answer cowardly, when Ron Paul knows he could be attacked on such a position by people like Coulter? Further, Coulter says that some parts of a marriage contract could be handled by private contract but others could not. Well, Annie, please do tell us what part can't.

As for O'Reilly, the man has obviously never heard of the Keynes-Hayek Debates, since he asks John Stossel if Keynes was born in the 1700's and totally butchers the pronunciation of Keynes name. Got that? A major television personality can not correctly pronounce the name of  arguably, and sadly, the most influential economist of the 20th century. Further, it appears that O'Reilly wouldn't be able to spot John Maynard Keynes out of a line up that also included Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog and Anthony Weiner. How can you go on television as a commentator on politics and the economy and not know  who John Maynard Keynes is? How can you then attack Ron Paul, who knows who Keynes is and the government policies that Keynes has inspired in countries around the world?

As for no one thinking that Ron Paul won the debate, supporters of a candidate likely state their candidate won, so it is a little hard to swallow that no one said Ron Paul won, when he is polling between 6% and 10%, and internet voters (admittedly a skewed group) voted strongly for Paul as the winner of the debate. What kind of poll doesn't pick up at least one Ron Paul internet voter?

BTW, John Stossel can be off on his libertarian positions from time to time, but he is solid against O'Reilly in this clip.



  1. This is so bad its actually funny...

  2. The poll they are referencing is a poll of GOP insiders and surprise, surprise they hate Ron Paul.

  3. Not to worry.

    Ann self-destructed here....

    Any time, you're on the same side as O'Reilly and Stossel is on the other side, you have clearly lost it.

    And those polls...
    Objective and random, I'm sure.

    This is so-oo 2007.

    To wit.,

  4. Normally I think Bill is pretty accurate with his take on things. In this, if truth were here on Planet Earth, then O'Reilly was broadcasting somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy. The man was way, way off of anything even remotely conidered "intelligent".

    It goes tho further validate my view that - despite claiming to be for "no spin", Bill (and most other media outlets) only mock and belittle Paul because they cannot grasp the magnitude of what he is proposing to be true.

  5. If you're as thick as fucking bricks, Ron Paul is very hard to understand. If you're selectively stupid, again he is hard to understand.

    Coulter is full of shit. Libertarians take on the hard issues head on. It is convervatives that dodge them and assume a deus-ex-machina - the gubmint - will solve them. So who's the 'coward'?

    Is O'Reilly really so shamelessly fucking dumb? He's a socialist/fascist masquerading as a "conservative", but I guess it's what they are now. Coulter is less odious, but she can also be a real idiot.

  6. Inquisitor,

    I'm not so sure that your first paragraph is all that fair. I know some people who are quite intelligent, but they just aren't well-versed on issues like the Fed. The average American isn't "thick as fucking bricks" per se, but they certainly aren't knowledgeable about monetary policy, Austrian economic theory, etc.

    Like it or not, they - the masses - control who is elected. So the best thing we can do is educate them in the right manner, teaching them about the problem that our government and our Federal Reserve bank has created. Insulting them won't do it, I assure you.

  7. What I found interesting is the segment where O'Reilly seems to imply he would prefer Obama to Paul as President. That speaks volumes to me.

  8. O'Reilly is an asshole. So is Hannity for that matter. Both Establishment mouth pieces. Ron could say "Hey look, a bunch of banksters got a bill passed a long time ago so they could legally print money for themselves. I'm trying to take that power away from them." I think people would understand that.

  9. As a gay man, and Ron Paul supporter, Coulter's comments were incredibly offensive.

    I wish someone would put her out to pasture, 'cause she ain't winnin' no more Derbys.

  10. I think so many people have come to just rely on 'experts', even in justification of crazy schemes inflicted upon us by the power-mad, that when confronted with ideas that are actually understandable and logical, they don't trust them. After all, something more complicated MUST be going on, or we wouldn't need all these experts, right?

  11. Keynes who?

    For crying out loud...

  12. Re: O'reilly being an asshole. If you haven't seen this clip of him flipping out when his teleprompter malfuntions it is a must see.

  13. Good god, its no wonder that neocons are such easy prey to mindless regressives when you consider O'Rielys absurd thinking process. How can he not know who Keynes is and yet have any kind of meaningful opinion about the fed or monetary policy? He demonstrates the typical right wing thought process which is usually to defer to group think. He doesn't know what the Fed does, its history or how it does what it does, but he knows because of his left wing inspired education that it must be a good thing, becuase that's what they told him. Why would you question that?

    My favorite is hearing a right winger call Obama a socialist and then in their next breath explain how Paul Ryan will save Medicare. They will all agree that socialism is evil (becuase that is what they've been told, most don't know why though) and then not even question central planning in our own government. They just don't think a whole lot about what they beleive in.

  14. It is shameful for Ann to think that individuals are too stupid to handle their own buisness.We don't need a bunch of lawyers telling us what to do in our relationships.Marriage should be a private thing.Either you believe in real freedom or you don't.Make up your mind Ann.

  15. We should always keep track and keep a count of this type of behavior by the MSM. And then always count it as a MAJOR WIN for our side.

    They do this because they have no response to us. Ever. And we must not lose sight of that.

  16. Pathetic.
    And Coulter's eyeliner looks ghoulish.
    IOW maybe, just maybe, this is what the beginning of the death rattle sounds like for the mainstream media and those who drink the kool aid. They don't have a clue and are beginning to wake up to the fact that they are irrelevant.
    Who dat?

  17. "I'm not so sure that your first paragraph is all that fair. I know some people who are quite intelligent, but they just aren't well-versed on issues like the Fed. The average American isn't "thick as fucking bricks" per se, but they certainly aren't knowledgeable about monetary policy, Austrian economic theory, etc."

    O'Reilly is not the average man. He is a talk host with a pretty loud mouth on a variety of issues. He has never shown the ability to be fair towards those with whom he disagrees and has not shown a desire to be educated. As an opinion moulder, and someone who frequently opines on a variety of issues, one would hope he would take a bit more time to educate himself. But he doesn't. I assume he's either dishonest, stupid or just unwilling to learn - or all three.

    The thing is, Ron Paul has been discussing this issues in fairly plain terms for years now. Where has O'Reilly been? This isn't about the average man but a conceited dick with airtime.

  18. "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." Jonathan Swift