Thursday, June 16, 2011

Report: Weiner Will Step Down


UPDATE: Rep. Anthony Weiner has decided to step down from his congressional seat.

He has informed House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other key party leaders of his decision, sources tell NyPo.


Weiner is expected to make his resignation official in a statement to the press at a senior center in Brooklyn at 2 pm.


  1. I can't wait to see what he does for a living, seeing that his political career is over. I am giving a 3 to 1 that he goes into entertainment; TV, radio, print, porn, whatever. Isn't that where most politicians go when their political career is over?

  2. It's a shame that he's resigning. I wish he would remain in the Congress as the "walking wounded." All this attention on his personal shortcomings rendered him virtuously powerless. He also became an example to the U.S. as to why these bastards should not be permitted to have virtually unlimited power of the citizenry.

    Now that he will resign, it will give the remaining members of Congress plausible deniability that they are corrupt.

    As far as Weiner's future. I sincerely hope that he successfully returns to the private sector, fixes his marriage, raises his soon to be child and somehow becomes a productive member of society by legitimately serving his fellow man. Hopefully his days of being a corrupt parasite on society have ended.

  3. Oh pooh. He'll do the 12-step addiction therapy (tweeting is a "disease," remember?); then he'll take the show on the road (I got better, you can too...). Then, he'll appear as an "expert" on something...

    Next, he'll be running for Mayor of New York..
    And why not?

    No worse than the others..
    Nancy Pelosi's jet mileage is more obscene than some lurid tweets.

  4. He'll get a show on CNN with Spizter.

  5. Lila, strangely enough, stuff like cellphones, tweeting, and social networks are being studied seriously by academics as an "addiction". I don't buy it, but I am sure that millions of our tax-dollars are being given to bored profs to research it.