Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Serious Mob Attacks in Downtown Chicago

Lyndon Baines Johnson's Great Society experiment is in full bloom and it is downright ugly. LBJ's attempt to coddle the lower classes with free money for going fatherless and even more money for mother's having more children, without husbands around, has perhaps reached the third generation of such fatherless, uncontrollable youth. The experiment has resulted in roaming bands of criminals.

In Chicago this weekend, downtown pedestrians and bicyclists faced roaming mob attacks.

The first weekend attack happened around 8:25 p.m. Saturday when a man was attacked after parking his motor scooter near the Northwestern University campus, according to CBS News in Chicago.

A few minutes after that attack, man riding his bicycle on the lakefront path at 701 N. Lake Shore Dr. was attacked by a group of teenagers, who punched and kicked him.

Three teens – Dvonte Sikes, 17, of the 7500 block of South Normal Avenue; Travolus Pickett, 17, of the 8400 block of South Dorchester avenue; and Derodte Wright, 18, of the 3500 block of South State Street – have been charged as adults with felony robbery and mob action.

Sikes’ bond was set at $250,000. Pickett’s at $300,000 and Wright’s at $200,000.

Two other 16-year-olds were also charged as juveniles and their names were not released.

Earlier this year, retailers on North Michigan Avenue reported several instances in which young people would suddenly gather inside a store and ransack the place.

Also, on Sunday morning, a male University Of Illinois-Chicago student was on a westbound No. 12 CTA bus on Roosevelt Road at Throop Street, when a group of eight to 10 men wearing white T-shirts boarded, UIC police said. One of the men hit the victim on the back of the head with a glass bottle and stole his iPad. Then the robbers got off the bus.

Police also shut down North Avenue beach on Memorial Day–officially because of the heat and huge crowds. However, police sources say, concerns about the potential for violence was behind the decision as well.

Remarkably, most of these attacks are occurring on the Gold Coast and Streetersville sections of Chicago, the high rent districts of the city. I know them well. If people can't feel safe in these areas, the city is out of control.

Paul Huebl, the week before, saw this coming:
They are calling them “Wildings”, the latest fad for idle young Blacks. They use texting and social networks to form large groups to take control of stores, businesses and now beaches. The plan is simple, to rob, beat and molest as many non-Blacks as they can.

Police resources are very slim and the thugs have easy and cheap transportation to the areas they have victimized. Make no mistake these are serious and violent hate crimes. Intended victims are justified in using deadly force to end attacks involving multiple offenders.

White Chicagoans should stay away from the Gold Coast, beaches, or other entertainment spots for the entire summer. The police can’t do much but write reports after the violence.
I have seen similar reports out of Boston, New York and Miami. With the state of California under order to release 40,000 inmates because of overcrowding, who really knows what is going to happen in that state.


  1. It's also notable that Chicago has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country.

  2. We had a incident similar to the Michigan Ave events on the Plaza in Kansas City last summer. Both Missouri and Kansas allow concealed carry now so the likelihood of large scale attacks are not high. Regardless, our chief of police sees this as a parental discipline issue rather than a police issue.

    Considering that one of our KC cops reportedly recently burglarized a house in Independence, MO in uniform while driving a squad car, the cops may not be the right folks to handle this anyway.

  3. Some of the state fairs in the mid-west have suffered a similar problem. When these mobs of blacks go after whites, they call it "Polar Bear hunting".
    The incident at Carson Beach, Boston might not have been racial, just an over reaction by the MassStaPo(Mass State Police).
    These incidents should be no surprise when you have an incompetent Fed AG who set the the tone by letting the New Black Panther Party skate on voter intimidation charges.
    Oh, btw, for even printing this story RW the SPLC will now probably put you on a list of evil extremists !

  4. As these mobs grow in size and frequency, Americans will gladly believe the promises of safety and security and sign away whatever diminishing liberties are left.

  5. There was a similar series of incidents in Charlotte, NC, over Memorial Day weekend as the city's "Speed Street" festivities drew to a close.

    One man was murdered in a gang shooting just blocks from Bank of America's headquarters after more than 60,000 people congregated near the city's transportation center. There were more than 70 arrests for numerous fights, vandalism, and looting of a convenience store. (Disconcerting video of a flash mob looting a convenience store in the city's tony Fourth Ward.)

    Speed Street is usually a somewhat boisterous event with a wide cross-section of the community represented. I took my family downtown that Saturday evening a few hours before the fighting and violence broke out. I sensed that the crowd had a bad vibe about it and we left minutes later. Sponsors and vendors traditionally hand out free samples of food and drinks (boxes of Lucky Charms are a favorite for the kids), but there were large numbers of young people lined up at each vendor, grabbing as much as they could. Many had sacks and armfuls of the small giveaways. It's as if the freebies attracted a more desperate portion of the city's population - or perhaps peeled back the veneer on a permanent underclass's long-standing desperation.

    In the end, police resorted to tasers and handcuffs, but not before one gang member was shot. I even commented to my wife that this was a glimpse of what the future might look like if (when) the frayed strands of government support snap.

    I predict that we won't see revolts in the US demanding freedom (or it's wraithlike mirage, democracy) like the Arab Spring uprisings, but, instead, a violent uprising demanding more free handouts from the productive class - uprisings that will start with violence and have no ideological underpinnings or pretense of being peaceful movements.

  6. Summer starts June 21st. These on the dole, food stamp bastards are just getting started. This is state funded hate crime and Whitey is funding this B.S. and the low life knows it. They know they are in a cage and are going to make sure the mob inflict as much grieve on the innocent as possible. Good luck with that Rham, you stooge.

  7. LBJ's Great Society has created its share of ne'er-do-wells, but I'd like to add that Chicago isn't only a windy city on a lake, but a notorious hub of corruption and crime for more than 100 years.

  8. In Argentina this kind of activity is often funded by the government to coerce the population into supporting some kind of measure the government wants the legislature to enact. For instance if more money is needed for police they may pay thugs to accost people in the streets or go downtown in the middle of the day to smash some car windows. I am not saying this is going on in this case, but don't think for a second that Chicago's finest are not taking some pleasure in this and responding as slowly as possible.

  9. and this is where the messiah comes from

  10. This recalls the accounts of a friend of mine in the East and accounts in the MSM of 'social gatherings' in various cities.

    It also recalls the final prophecy of Brent Bozell (William F. Buckleys brother in law, co-author with Buckley of 'Conscience of a Conservative' and father of the Conservative activist Brent Bozell II).

    Bozell was a Catholic activist in the 70's - having abandoned Conservatism.  On the YAF (Young Americans for Freedom) scale he was a 'hyper-traditionalist'.  He staged the first Pro-Life rallies in this country.

    He published a magazine called "Triumph" in the final issues of which he, in editorials,  predicted the inevitable fall of the United States because of the disintegrative effects of Liberalism and thus the return of 'Tribes'.

    The last source I have for these pointed and prophetic editorials was a book called "Mustard Seeds" which may be found as a used book on Amazon.  Well worth the read ...

    In his 'Tribalism' editorials he saw the Tribes returning as forms of social order.  He had long abandoned his reflexive Americanism (contra his Skull and Bones brother in law) and looked to the future phlegmatically in re this ...

    He looked, of course, to the re-formation of the "Catholic Tribe".  Alas, that is not to be ...

    In the incidents in Chicago and elsewhere ... we see this re-formation of the Tribes indeed. What has Liberalism or Conservatism, or indeed Libertarianism to attract these young men as an organizing principle? They do not think in those terms. For them it is 'in the bone'. They have what is left of their Family (disintegrated by Welfare Liberalism), their (Neighbor)Hood, their easily triggered sense of 'oppression', and ... their Gangs ... or Tribes.

    The Gangs WILL organically grow (gemeinschaft) as the 'community organizations' and their funding entities (think the Banksters funding Community Organizers a la Obama following the rulebook of Saul Alinsky) all artificial and constructed for a purpose (gesellschaft) break down and fail in the world that is to come ...

    When will come the end of 'Muricah?

    It will occur in a small apartment in Harlem, an island of dignity and order off of urine stained hallways, where the two residents, a man and wife of many decades, are of that Tribe of Order and Dignity. Embourgeoisment as it has been deprecatingly called by those of a related Tribe.

    They will be looking at an old TV set which shows them Whites rioting in and in front of a Wal-Mart somewhere in Middle 'Muricah, the store having been stripped of food during the 'temporary crisis' ... the Whites feeling hunger for the first time in their lives.

    She will sigh exasperatedly and say both to the air and to the old man in the lounge chair in front of her: "Them White Folks ... they'se animals ... just animals ..."!

    The old man with a day old beard and rheumy eyes will turn to her and say ... nothing.

    For many, many reasons (some known only to old men) he's not going to argue with her.

    And neither shall I.

    The Tribes WILL reform. But it will be hard, very hard ...

    Because ... these Gangs, forming organically, are, of course, 'funded' (at least indirectly) by the largess of the Tribe that is not allowed to be a Tribe (of which you may guess) through the intermediary of the State. When the funds cease, falter, lose their value or when that other Tribe comes to realize as a Tribe ...

    Libertarianism alas, has no sense of Culture, or Power. Nothing 'in the bone' to bind us together. It is at best a tool of analysis, like Liberalism and Conservatism and..., nothing more.

    It will never be a Tribe in the 'Muricah that is to come.

    Do not forget this ...

    I and Bozell (from the Long Ago) tell you the same thing: find and nurture your Tribe.

  11. Loverly Diversity...ain't it grand. The proportion of street crime attributable to Black & Hispanic Racism approaching 90% and the intimidated white Lefty and Rio's will still blame the White Man's Burden for cause. Yet libertarians still cry for open immigration? Makes no sense to me.

  12. Social welfare programs destroyed the traditional family structure. Grandma doesn't need her children with social security and medicaid and the children readily dump her off on the state. Mom doesn't need Dad either and he is unemployable or a victim of the police state and prison planet. The children don't need Mom because CDS and headstart now begin as early as infancy with full time day care in poor communities. Not to mention the state feeds them with free school lunch and then food stamps.

    The state destroys the family through several avenues; welfare and public housing make the poor and urban poor especially nothing more than residents of a ghetto or reservation type system.

    Cultures are destroyed through this, modern day slavery is the result.

    This has everything to do with the state dismantling the humanity and family of 20th century urban poor blacks, instituting a police state to imprison young black men and denying them any hope of an education through the prison that is public school.

  13. Great Society Programs only create a community of takers who have no respect for themselves and other Americans. All that Lyndon Baines Johnson did was create a society of people unwilling to obtain employment, and depend on the government to pay them to do nothing but get in trouble and break the law. There is no incentive to work, so long as they can get free handouts, they will never respect anything but cheating the system.

  14. End these programs that only encourage and make citizens of the American Society permanently dependent on government programs which bankrupts the Federal, state, county, city coffers. If eventually nobody works anymore (to tax) then where will the state get the money to pass around to the people who don't need or want to work if they figure there is no need to make something of themselves. Businesses will close and then what will the elite in government do then, just print worthless paper currency ? I apologize as I get so enraged knowing just what our masters have in mind as we have strayed so far from the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. But that is what happens when we elect imbeciles to the Senate and the House of Representatives.

  15. And those inmates that CA is releasing won't be the non-violent offenders that shouldn't be there in the first place; CA will be releasing the violent ones to terrorize the public so they can scare people into higher taxes for more cages.

  16. good points Aaron, but the poor do provide one thing...they provide lots of captive votes for the politician or party that wants to cater to them. Why do you think the regressives want to make citizens out of illegal immigrants? Its all about the political power that adding more then 12mill voters, mostly of the dem persuasion, to the voting roles. If the regressives really cared about the poor as they pretend to, then they would actually be anti-illegal immigration since the more poor that come to this country the more stress they place on the welfare resources that have been allocated to the existing poor. The regressives understand this and are perfectly fine throwing the citizen poor under the bus to gain political power with the belief that the more voters they add to the base the more unstoppable their demands will become.

    Where the regressives have gone wrong in their strategy of making voters out of illegals is that they think that these people want welfare-ism when in reality they want economic freedom. It takes a lot of nerve and a quite a lot of savings to get across the border and into a town where you can start working. Once they start working they live frugally and save every dime they can. Many of them after a few years here have more savings (tax free) then probably 60% of Americans (proves you can make very low pay and still save quite a bit). People that want welfare-ism would never go to such extremes. They would never pay the border crossing fee to the smugglers. Sure they'll take what ever welfare we give them, but instead of making a generational life style out of it like many homegrown poor have done, they'll use it to get ahead.

    If you want to see proof of how wrong the regressives are, check out Miami and the Cubans. The Cubans put that city on the map oh and they are typically conservative (ie Marco Rubio).

  17. Just to pile on, things are similar out here on the West Coast. In perpetually broke San Jose (which is in the midst of massive police layoffs and a $115 million budget deficit), we had widespread vandalism of downtown businesses on Cinco de Mayo.

  18. It's also notable that Chicago has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country.

    Exactly. That's why the only surprising thing about this is that it hasn't already been happening.

  19. Just to reiterate what should be obvious even to my fellow libertarians: YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH OPEN BORDERS AND A WELFARE STATE SIMULTANEOUSLY. Just. Doesn't. Work.

  20. I find no fault with the logical opinions expressed by the above authors; I am 58 years old and my experiences lead me to the same opinion, including with emphasis, why the open borders since the treasonous ,culturalcidal & non-representative immigration act of 1965 ? Libertarians should be against open borders as stated above; with the lack of civility of our invading ,alien " Huns " there can be no " liberty " !

  21. Always funny, and pathetic, how these "punk boys" will do things in a group that they wouldn't dare do on their own.

  22. Florida is a "right to carry state", which means anyone without a criminal or psychiatric SHALL be issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon after taking a course and demonstrating weapons proficiency. None of these wilding type incidents have happened in Florida...

  23. And here we are seeing the beginning of anarchy and soon to spread like a cancer upon our society. All a product of the haves vs. the don't haves courtecy of the bureaucrats that don't give a rat's behind about us "little people".

  24. ALL of this behavior in exact opposition of the Black Church and Black conservatives. Bill Cosby should have said what he's said about lower income and poor blacks 45 years ago!

  25. ALL of this Black youth behavior is in exact opposition to the Black Church and Black conservatives. Bill Cosby should have said what he's said about poor and lower income Blacks 45 years ago!

  26. "And here we are seeing the beginning of anarchy and soon to spread like a cancer upon our society."

    Wrong! The word you're looking for is "chaos", not anarchy. We are seeing the continuation of lawlessness visited upon us by the Left, exacerbated by the almost complete disregard for property rights in some segments of the society. Anarchy and well-armed anarchists would never allow these types of attacks to happen, nor would the allow the existence of the welfare state. As for open borders, when all borders are on property that is privately owned, how many illegal immigrants would there be? Answer: the exact same number as illegal DEAD immigrants.

  27. Well Chicagoans, you know what you need to do: Stop paying for cops if they're telling you BEFORE CRIMES HAPPEN that there will be nothing they can do. Take the tax dollars this frees up and buy a gun. Who's going to stop you? The police? HA. Let's see a gang of teenagers attack ARMED adults. Won't happen. Not more than once anyway...

  28. As the governor of Wisconsin has stated he will sign the concealed carry law, Illinois will be the only state of the 50 that will not issue permits to citizens. Chicago and Illinois shall sound the weather bell for what is to come. An armed society is a polite society.

  29. "It's also notable that Chicago has some of the strictest gun regulations in the country.

    Exactly. That's why the only surprising thing about this is that it hasn't already been happening."

    I graduated from UIC 2 years ago. It was this bad back then too, and from the word on the street, had been bad for a long time. I had a roommate who's parents would buy bikes for like $30-50 at garage sales, and then he would ride those to class because they would always be stolen given a month or two. It was Ipods and cell phones back in my day. UIC used to be called "circle campus" It was a 60's version of the future, and had a 2nd story courtyard, and interconnecting tunnels between buildings. By the time I was there, all that had been ripped out because of all the bad press it made for the school because it was an ideal place to hide and wait for young women at night.

    I was almost mugged once in my tenure there. On his way over, I pulled out my knife and told him "I am not looking for trouble." (I do computer hardware, so I am constantly opening packaging and shipping boxes) and suddenly he didn't really think his knife was oh-so-scary anymore, especially because he was in a starter jacket, and I was in a leather jacket. I assume he went to find someone less armed. I have never been in a knife fight in my life, but he didn't know that. Plan B was to book it, slamming the campus blue emergency pylon buttons as I ran, but he backed off and said "its cool man", then booked it himself.

    The Flash mob crime thing is a new and interesting twist. Plan A would have had to be run, toss the wallet over your shoulder and slam the pylons as you go, and hope they don't feel like chasing. Can't really count on the police for anything but a traffic ticket.

  30. I am a radical free marketeer in the tradition of Mises, Rothbard and Ron Paul. That said, I'd rather live under nazism or fascism than live around blacks, like my poor racial brethren in Southern Africa. How my heart bleeds for them, and all whites forced to interact with blacks. Totalitarian racial integration was the greatest evil ever inflicted on decent Americans (and now wrt Muslim thugs and terrorists, on our European brothers). Libertarians who would foist more savages on us through unlimited immigration are worse than fools: they are traitors.

    STOP IMMIGRATION (legal and illegal)!




  31. With names like Dvonte, Travolus and Derodte how in the hell do they expect to get jobs? The parents obviously don't know how much these ridiculous names handicap their kids for life. I hope these three never see freedom again! If they are doing this at such a young age there is no hope for redemption.

  32. If the 'lower classes' in Chicago are being 'coddled' I can't imagine what we should call the wealthy people on the Gold Coast.

    Why don't you go spend some time in these kids' neighborhoods and schools and then try to address this problem. A lot of tax dollars for better schools, roads, safety, public services, housing is probably a good place to start, rather than trying to secure the privileged neighborhoods from feeling any of the effects of the gross inequality that is rampant in this city.

  33. If America were not so racist it wouldn't matter what their names are.