Friday, June 3, 2011

Were Goldman Sachs Lawyers too Dumb to Protect GS from the Perjury Trap?

Sam Antar, who was the evil genius CFO behind the once upon-a-time Crazy Eddie stock fraud, tweets:
Memo to Goldman Sachs: Looks like your lawyers were too dumb to protect you from "perjury trap"
Decades ago Sam showed he knows about hiring sharp lawyers. He somehow ended up with only house arrest, despite his fraud being multi-millions in dollars and the largest of its time. I once asked him how he was able to get off with only house arrest. He told me that he has no idea why the judge sentenced him to only house arrest. He said he was as surprised as anyone. I think that's what you are supposed to say when you are real smart.

Sam now lectures on white collar crime and tweets up a storm, with comments like:
Memo to White-Collar Criminals: If used correctly, SEC Regulation G allows u to show profits when you have none.

Memo to White-Collar Criminals: If you can't show a profit, provide your investors with non-GAAP pro-forma numbers like Groupon $GRPN.

For a litte Friday afternoon entertainment, here are some Crazy Eddie commercials that were run while Sam and his cousin Eddie cooked the books.

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  1. I loved those commercials! I make references to them once in a while, when I say the prices for my online courses are "insane!!!" I never knew if anybody got the joke.

    Really thanks for posting these videos. I enjoyed them even more than the picture of the Russian gymnast.