Friday, June 3, 2011

'The Progressive's' Matt Rothschild Is Not a Young Stud

In reference to my post, A Rothschild Comes to the Defense of Rand Paul, Samuel Rothschild emails me:

Mr. Wenzel, you need to do better research sir! The Matt Rothschild you're referring to is my father and we don't happen to have any relatives in New York. We do have family in the Chicago area though. My father, the editor of The Progressive, is in his fifties and is not "a disowned heir of the New York branch of the Rothschild family" (Wenzel). The link with the previous quoted words proclaims that another Matt Rothschild is my father: “Now a 27-year-old high-school English teacher, Matthew Rothschild has written “Dumbfounded” (Crown), a memoir of his years growing up with his elderly and eccentric grandparents” ( My Dad didn’t write this memoir and this English teacher you’re referring to doesn’t write for the Progressive. Research before slander please!
My reply to Samuel Rothschild:

Dear Mr Rothschild,

Please forgive me, I had no idea your father was plastering pictures of himself across the internet from decades ago.

Since The Progressive article that your father wrote, and which I referenced , had no mention that your father was editor of The Progressive, I did what is commonly done in this day and age, I goolged the name,  Matthew Rothschild. One of the first links to appear was from Common Dreams.

This is the pic Common Dreams is running of your father:

This pic and similar pics are across the internet. The other Matt Rothschild, has a passing remblance to what your father looked like decades ago, even to the hair style and cut of hair at the ears.

Your father's picture really looked like a clean shaven, washed up, shot of this guy, with a bit of a haircut. Since Common Dreams then identified your father's affiliation with The Progressive, I jumped to the conclusion that the picture was current, and referenced the other Matthew Rothschild. But I now see my error.

Since your post, I had to do much research, such as you recommend, but I did finally find, among the hundreds of younger photos of your father, a pic of what your father really looks like today:

So my apologies for not realizing your father is not a young stud without kids. I'll keep it in mind for the future.


  1. Nice to see the Rothschilds are readers of Economic Policy Journal though.

  2. Best back handed apology ever.

  3. Doh!

    At this point, all I have to say is, keep your head on a swivel.

    No, seriously...

  4. hahaha, awesome. Go die "progressives"

  5. If one calls oneself a journalist, one had better do the work of a journalist. To assume that there is only one person in the world with this name, or to assume that they are the same person because they both look Jewish (not exactly what you said, but we get the gist) is lazy in the extreme. When I Google "Matthew Rothschild", the first result says "Matthew Rothschild is the editor of the Progressive magazine". Nor does it take "much research" to find "among the hundreds of younger photos", the picture you cite as current. It appears at the beginning of the second row of Google images. (The first row contains 4 copies of the same photo among its 9 images, so this really isn't hard work.) Maybe you don't call yourself a journalist, but that is what one expects from a writer for the "Economic Policy Journal".