Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Even in Harvard Square the People Want Gold as Money

Given the number of people in the below video that responded that they would like to see gold replace the dollar, if the dollar vanished, I emailed Megan Duffield at Silver Circle to ask her if the clip accurately reflected the number of people overall who actually mentioned gold.

Her response:
Yep. I probably talked to about 12 people. The only reason some were omitted were for audio reasons. The other people answered "textiles", "nothing", and "work certificates".

I was just as taken back by the responses
Got that, Bernanke? Even in Harvard Square, the people want gold as money!


  1. How do I meet the person that replied "textiles"?

    On reflection, isn't that the same as the dollar?

  2. How about whatever Paul Krugman wants?