Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Huge Plane Order by American Airlines


  1. Reminds me of Richard Evans "The Coming of the Third Reich" wherein he describes the results of inflation in Weimar Germany. The factories were able to retool for a pittance so big business loved the hyper-inflation (and gave Germany the most advanced and modern factories in the world at the end of the 20's since the billions they spent on Monday was only the equivalent of a loaf of bread a couple weeks later. It was the person on the street that was destroyed leading to social unrest.

  2. The questions about this move: Is this a real investment, made by regular savings or credit? Or, is this some of that QE2 or excess reserves money getting into the system?

    That these questions even have to be asked is creepy.

  3. American Airlines must be trying to meet demand of Americans escaping their slave camp.

    I am sure American Airlines is one of the Establishment-approved corporations and is protected from losses. Fascism pays.