Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If Gold Closes Up Today...

It will be the 12th consecutive up day for gold and the longest winning streak in at least nine decades.

A 12th day of gains would be the longest streak since at least 1920, according to Bloomberg. Gold rose this morning to $1,602 an ounce in the morning “fixing” in London.


  1. Yikes!

    Gold down $17.00/oz.
    Silver down almost 4%

  2. Nope. Not gonna close that high today, I'm afraid. Looks like gold is bouncing right above 1580. Would have been nice, but as Zero Hedgers would say, buy the f*ing dip, b*tches!

  3. Silver Bully, it's "b*tchez"!

    Zero Hedge may be hyperbolic on occasion (okay, all the time) but there are some great insights there too. Next to EPJ, LRC and Daily Bell, it's one of the best econo-political sites on the 'net.

    -Dale Fitz

  4. Way to jinx it Wenzel!