Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Let Me Explain this On My Windowpane"

Fortune reports:
That windowpane in your office will soon become valuable for more than the view. Newly developed electrochromic "smart" glass can cloud up for privacy, block the sun's rays to cool you down, or absorb them to power the place. Scientists say the glass will soon enable your office windows to turn into multitouch screens for PowerPoint presentations or videoconferences.

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  1. I used to rep Sage Electrochromatics when it first hit the scene. Very, very cool stuff. Back then (2005)it sold for about $120/sf. Really difficult to sell at that price (standard low-e IGU was about $20/sf) but their business model and facilities were set up such that economies of scale would bring the price way down. Like you've illustrated before, Bob, It takes rich people to pony up the big bucks for something new and cool so that the rest of us can enjoy it later at a more "reasonable" price.