Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Price Hikes from Chipolte

Another sign of rising prices in the consumer sector, Chipotle began hiking prices in June (by 4.5%) and it said on its conference call that that prices will be hiked at a full 80% of its restaurants, reports Joe Weisenthal.

Chipotle's is facing higher prices for avocados, meat, and dairy.

Of course, there is another view about increasing prices. Here's Paul Krugman:
Oh, and about commodity prices: rises on the order of what we’ve seen lately aren’t at all unusual, even during periods now considered to have been characterized by low and stable inflation...Just not something to get frantic about.


  1. Starbucks covertly raised prices of their baked goods by 18%. I noticed that the other day while there

  2. Guys, these aren't "core" items, so their rise doesn't affect inflation! Haven't you learned ANYTHING from Herr Krugman?

    Dale Fitz