Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch Attacked at Hearings


Update: The Parliamentary hearings into the hacking scandal surrounding the Murdcoh empire have been suspended. CNBC reports someone tried to hit Murdoch.

Update2: Man threw white plate of foam at Murdoch. Murdoch's wife hit the attacker.

Murdoch not injured, according to reports.

Update 3: The photos.

Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng, in pink, goes after attacker.

Update 4: Hearings have resumed.


  1. Custard pies, Asian Tiger Wives; this gets better and better.

  2. Apparently, security, on phones and for hearings at Parliament, is not the strong suit for Brits.

  3. I sat down for a few beers and watched the hearing. This is what I call entertainment! Mysterious deaths, cream pies, the last two days have been a nice third act.

    I am glued to my computer.

  4. The pie wielding guy is lucky that all that Murdoch is, is a "greedy" billionaire, otherwise had he been a government official he would find himself put away for a very long time for assaulting a true public master. I wonder if people care this much about their own government spying on them? Probably not.

  5. Is the pie person employed by the BBC?
    I would love to watch establishmnet terrorists killing each other. What a great Reality TV show that would make.

  6. Best hearing footage since "Is gold money?"

  7. Does Wendi Deng have a sister?

  8. The MSM was calling it a slap, but it looked more to me like a palm strike to the nose. If she got a clean strike, she could have broken his nose. It also looked like she got a bit of core rotation into the strike.

    Impressive! :)