Friday, July 1, 2011

Nouriel Roubini Asks the Big Question in the DSK Case

In about five separate deposits a total of approximately $100,000 was put into the account of the maid who charges she was sexually attacked by DSK. Nouriel Roubini thinks it has something to do with the DSK case. He thumbs and asks the Big Question:
I wrote the day after DSK's arrest that most likely he was set-up. The latest news now prove that. Who put the money in her bank account?
In fact, the maid appeared to live a very complex life, hanging with drug dealers and possibly having five cell phones (DSK was reported to have had seven cell phones with him, when he was arrested).

She appears to be an ideal type for someone running a complex set-up of DSK, with her complex background, who knows what is fact and what is fiction? It appears she is a far cry from the demure woman painted in early media reports. The most fascinating part of this case to me is that this information on the maid doesn't surface until two days after Christine Lagard was named head of the IMF to replace DSK.

If someone wants to find a woman to get a dirty job done and then cut her loose, the profile of this maid is perfect.

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  1. Any chance the money being put into her account is a cheap way to smear her name??

    Who knows when the state is involved...