Monday, July 11, 2011

Obama Proposed Raising Medicare Eligibility Age in Deficit Talks

I am not a big fan on Medicare, but of all the places that can be cut, medicare would be toward the end of the list. But, WSJ is reporting that, according to an aide, Medicare is exactly what President Obama proposed to cut.

How caught up in the military-industrial complex has the President become? Did someone from the Joint Chiefs invite him to watch the Zagruder film?  As Ron Paul has stated many times, there are trillions to be saved by stopping the unending wars and closing up bases around the globe.  Why not start there?


  1. They're on the path to socializing all medicine. Why wouldn't he give up medicare? From Obama's perspective, it's a zero-cost move. He's expecting medicare to be replaced by obamacare.

  2. or 'accidentally' left JFK's open top limo in view of the Oval Office.

  3. Medicare should be eliminated. It is not funded by a specific tax that is large enough to cover it.

    SS is covered by the payroll tax which has been large enough to pay all SS costs, plus provide a slush fund for the career criminal politicians to steal from for the past 50 years. SS is the peoples retirement plan - it wasn't supposed to be but corporations and wall street criminals have taken all other options from most people. Save SS and eliminate medicare.

    Provide doctor assisted suicide on demand for anyone over 45 for any reason, no questions asked - if you are unhealthy because of your poor life choices you can either suffer or opt out of life - you ARE going sooner or later anyway.

  4. Uh oh- Bob's wandered off into Jesse Ventura country citing the "military-industrial complex".

    Medicare can and should be done away with in a responsible, gradual manner starting immediately.

    You're starting to sound like my Communist coworkers when they can't imagine an America without free healthcare/retirement/housing/money which didn't exist 50 years ago.

    You've been advocating some odd things lately for someone who supposedly is for free markets e.g. farm subsidies and Medicare.

    Remember the freedom you enjoy today is the result of America's military dominance over the last 100 years. That's not an endorsement of warmongering or nation building-- it's a fact. I would agree to get out of Japan, South Korea and Germany to start, but suggesting that no one touch Ponzi schemes of wealth redistribution c/o of the gubmint is irresponsible and misguided.

    There is fat to trim from the DOD to be sure, but let's get to the main drivers of our debt: Medicare/Medicaid (soon to be Obamacare) and Social Security. Abolish those three and find private sector solutions. Then we can talk about the military for which there is no appropriate private sector alternative.

  5. Provide doctor assisted suicide on demand for anyone over 45 for any reason, no questions asked - if you are unhealthy because of your poor life choices you can either suffer or opt out of life - you ARE going sooner or later anyway.

    See this is the kind of Marxist BS that George Bernard Shaw advocated. Kill anyone who can't immediately prove their worth to society. Asinine in the extreme- and he wants to save the social security Ponzi scheme. How predictable.

  6. Nothing Obama has done has made any sense. Why should this?

  7. One good reply and the rest nonsense. Medicare should be separated from SS. The excesses that Congress larded it with should be removed. Medicare should be a stand alone fund as should the disability and insurance areas covering welfare causes, including children left behind. SS was promoted as a pension and should continue to be just that, no more. What pensioners do with their incomes are their decisions, not for Congress to twist and tweet to get more votes for harebrained schemes.

  8. DECEASED COMEDIAN BILL HICKS HAS A WONDERFUL PIECE on the JFK hit and the zapruder film; one of the classic lines is that when-ever any new president is elected, he is taken to see the zapruder film and then is asked "any questions" ? the 6 minute piece below is a gem; enjoy

  9. DECEASED COMEDIAN BILL HICKS HAS A WONDERFUL PIECE ON THE JFK hit and the zapruder film....classic line is that whenever any new president is elected he is taken to see the zapruder film and asked "any questions".... the 6 minute piece below is a gem, enjoy

  10. Anon 1131AM-

    Bob isn't saying that Medicare is right, he's just pointing out that it is more sensible and moral to cut defense spending BEFORE we start cutting "entitlements". People have planned their "golden years" around SS and Medicare, and to cut them off completely at this stage is dirty pool.

    The sensible action is to begin dramatic reductions of the promises to anyone under 40, coupled with tax cuts so they can save for their own future retirement and health care. A 4% cut for each year 41 to 64 would allow those older than 40 to still take advantage of some of the socialist promises without throwing them to the wolves. Means testing would also be mandatory.

    The other part of the solution is a dramatic reduction in the regulatory system that inhibits innovation in health care. Prices would drop dramatically, and care would improve.

    Implementing both ideas would allow those who have based their retirements on SS and Medicare to live with dignity while at the same time phasing the programs out (and amending the constitution to prevent them from ever being enacted again!)