Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ron and Rand Paul Do a Double Team Attack on the Debt Crisis

Neil Cavuto conducts a great interview with Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Rand Paul is good in this interview, but his father really shows him how its done and nails it.

A few notes. Rand Paul points out that financial institutions that are required by their bylaws to own only Triple A securities are changing their bylaws to read Triple A securities OR government securities. As Rand Paul correctly points out, this will mean that even if U.S. government securities ever fall to junk status, these institutions that are supposedly among the most conservative, could end up owning government junk. If Enron could have pulled such a trick, they would still be in business.

Rand Paul also comments on his suspicion that a backroom deal has already been completed by congressional leaders and the President on the debt deal and that what is going on in front of the cameras is all political theatre.

Very important, Ron Paul warns in the interview that price inflation is going to really heat up by next summer. I think he is spot on here. Indeed, the accelerated price inflation has already started, but will intensify.



  1. "He wouldn't pay his rent in silver"

    LOL, I love these guys.

  2. Too bad Ron doesn't have the verbal talents of Rand; he'd be even better.

  3. Earth to Tony, verbal talents by Dr. Paul? Rand is Rand and Rand, will not ever be Ron. Paul dads genetics have matured and Rand will have to spend a lot of verbiage to match daddy. Rand will have to attain impeccability as Ron has over Rand's lifetime to match daddy. Not going to happen for a while, not in my lifetime.

    We all need to send Ron our beer money for one week to make sure he wins in Iowa. One million school boy six packs worth to rent the advertising blimp will do for me.

  4. "He wouldn't pay his rent in silver" - That cracked me up.

  5. Just watched the video. Great stuff.

    Loved the line at the end by Cavuto- "one of the more powerful families in politics right now".

    It makes me smile to think that the "status quo" has finally recognized that LIBERTY is a winning meme!

    Dale Fitz

  6. @ Scarlett

    Earth to Scarlett.
    Ever heard of strawmen? I said verbal talents, not any other type of talent, including principled behavior, content, or ideals.

    So next time please stick to what i said, and don't attack things i never referred to in the first place.

    P.S. I'm not sending a dime to ANY politician. I'm not a minarchist, and certainly not a constitutionalist. Furthermore, a Ron Paul presidency is doomed to failure, because he's not a dictator, and those who's votes or cooperation he depends on to get anything done all benefit from the government trough.

  7. This is really good stuff.

    That's a great show for them to be on regularly.

    They should also do Charlie Rose and Brian Lamb..both of them let the people they interview talk and don't do gotcha journalism.

  8. Tony-

    I'm 100% anarchist, and believe that coercive government at ALL levels should be illegal. That said, I have contributed to Dr Paul's campaigns, and worked to help him get elected back in 2008. I haven't voted for anyone (except for Dr Paul in the primary) since 1992- the first year I qualified. I know it's just a sham 99.9% of the time.

    Even if none of his policies get through congress, his time in the "bully pulpit" will expose BILLIONS of people to the works of Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe and the rest. If critical mass is reached, then he might turn out to be the last president of the US.

    NOW THAT is a goal worth fighting, funding, and voting for!

    I've always liked your posts here, Tony, but look at the bigger picture, and not your navel! A Ron Paul presidency would be a HUGE boon to the cause of freedom!

  9. @ Richard Dale Fitzgerald

    I don't deny that as an educator he is great. That is exactly why i like him so much.
    The problem is that a lot of non-libertarians, including some that may be sympathetic, will expect him to make serious changes. They will see that even the libertarian can't really change anything so they may as well go back to the people who at least like to go abroad and kill some foreigners for uncle Sam.

    Us libertarians will know why he doesn't stand a chance at changing much, everybody else will see chaos, protests, a man who isn't "tough" on foreigners, who has no problem with people doing drugs or being gay (if the states think it's okay), lots of really really bad fights in politics and media, etc. They will just say libertarians tear the country apart, because they will see even Republicans think Paul is off his rocker.

    As far as his presidency leading to him being the last, even Paul isn't in favor of that. And he will also point to the works of Rand, Hayek, etc who also believe anarchism is dead wrong. He named his own son after a woman who thinks anarchists are irrational savages.
    Let's not kid ourselves, we anarchists can't even convince minarchists why they are still caught up in the BS of the state being necessary, and they are already well-versed in libertarian thinkers. Do you really think we can change the purest of statists; those who like to wave flags, thinks America is currently still the greatest and freest country on earth, who like those benefits, who still respect government police, and who think killings thousands and thousands of foreigners is justified?

    These people like to read Harry Potter or The Da Vinci Code, not Ludvig von Mises.

    I like Ron Paul, and i hope Rand will be much more like him in the near future. I hope he will continue to educate people, but a libertarian having power yet being ineffectual and getting slaughtered by the machine is not something i'm looking forward to.

  10. @RDF, I'm with you re: the bigger picture. I personally believe Tony's "principles" are misguided on this one. No offense Tony.

  11. Ron did not name his son after Ayn Rand, and has stated as such.

    Even if Ron was unable to accomplish anything as president, that would be a massive, massive improvement over the state becoming more powerful as it does every year.

    Besides, he would be able to pull the troops out and end foreign wars on his own. That alone would make him very popular with a large segment of the nation, especially the youth.

  12. @ Larry
    I would say no offense taken, except that i don't know why you would put the word "principles" in quotation marks. Are you implying that i shouldn't be having any principles, or that i don't even have them?

    I certainly don't hope you're suggesting that it would be "principled" for an anarchist to vote.
    Expedient and utilitarian, yes. Principled, no.

    If you're an anarchist and you want to vote, stop calling yourself an anarchist. Ron Paul is neither an anarchist, nor does he advocate it, nor does any presidency of his lead to anything remotely close to it. The ironic thing is i always thought anarchists never voted because voting for a statist (which Ron Paul *still* is) means giving permission to whatever state coercion the candidate still advocates. Apparently a real world example of a constitutionalist (i wouldn't even call Ron Paul a minarchist), is enough to blast those principles out of the water. The simple fact is, if you support a Ron Paul presidency, then you support states rights (a euphemism for state coercive powers).

    If you think he's great merely because he is more libertarian than the rest and voting for him is the right thing to do because he would stop the growth of the state, call yourself a neolibertarian instead. Because that's what neolibertarians do. They try to use the monstrous system to their advantage.

    No offense.

    @ Anonymous.
    You're right. Ron Paul did not name his son after Ayn Rand. His real name is Randal/Randy and he apparently decided for some reason to go by the odd name "Rand". I retract my untrue argument in this case.

  13. @ Tony,

    Neither. I simply believe that even as an anarchist you are "cutting off your nose to spite your face" on this one, thus my use of quotation marks.

    I too am an anarchist (both philosophically and in practice), I will be voting for Ron Paul in 2012 and I will not lose any sleep feeling as if I've betrayed my principles. A Ron Paul presidency is the greatest opportunity I have seen, and may see, in my lifetime (I'm 45). I'm not passing it up.

  14. @ Tony,

    I also believe this is a perfect example of "the enemy of my enemy being my friend".
    I wish we lived in a world that is perfect.

    Other than this, we will just have to respectfully agree to disagree.

  15. Larry,

    I heard lew rockwell interview Rand once long before he became a Senator. He said that he always went by "Randy" when he was younger, but his wife forced him to go by something more professional and boyish sounding! Actually a pretty funny story when you think about it.

    Also, Ron simply vetoing these massive spending plans, pulling the troops out of foreign wars, etc would be a massive improvement over what gets done over and over with the american evil empire becoming stronger and more wicked.

  16. @Tony,

    I owe you an apology.

    I've been struggling with the question of voting for RP in 2012 and I don't believe I'll be able to bring myself to do it.

    I hope you will accept.