Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sam Antar Takes Aim at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Convicted corporate scam artist of Crazy Eddie fame is taking direct ain at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which is now trading at $90 per share.

Check out these Antar tweets:

@ @freegolds I love $GMCR management shenanigans. They've given me purpose. They complete me. They had me at hello.

Memo to Wall Street research analysts: You are supposed to be CRITICAL, not GULLIBLE.

Memo to Analysts: Your forecasts worked for Crazy Eddie because I was cooking the books. Be careful with $GMCR numbers that don't add up.

Memo to Wall Street analysts (aka cheerleaders): If numbers don't add up at $GMCR how can U put together credible models?

Memo to $GMCR: Some of the class action allegations remind me of the stunts that I pulled back at Crazy Eddie - undocumented shipments.

@CNBC Let's start a new reality show around $GMCR. We have all the elements.
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@ @ReformedBroker I just want to even the odds for $GMCR. It makes better entertainment as issues unfold.

Memo to $GMCR: My attorneys got me off with house-arrest. I'd be happy to make a referral as a professional courtesy.

Tip to Wall Street analysts (aka $GMCR cheer leaders): Read latest court papers filed in class action against GMCR.

Tip to Robbins Geller Re $GMCR: Always know the answer before asking the question. That's how I player poker using a marked deck.

Deposition tip to $GMCR: Don't volunteer anything. Just answer the question.

Deposition tip to $GMCR: Less said is usually better. Try answering "yes", "no", "I don't know" or "I don't recall" as much as possible.

Memo to $GMCR management: Start getting coached for depositions.
The difference between Antar and the SEC, Sam gets you out before the scam hits the fan, the SEC gives you (if you are lucky) a perp walk for your losses.

The free market wins again.

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