Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleazeball Running for Congress

Former Congressman Alan Grayson has announced he is running for office again in an attempt to regain the House seat he lost in 2010.

Friends in D.C. tell me that Grayson is a real sleazeball and all around bad guy (and the Left loves him for all the grand government schemes he is in favor of). The Hill hinted at his bad guy rep in this note:
Grayson was first elected in 2008 with a small, 4 percent win. Two years later, he lost to Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.), 56 percent to 38 percent. Some Democratic insiders in Florida and Washington, D.C., were hoping he wouldn't run again because of his divisive personality.
But I am all for him getting his seat back, as long as he doesn't get any real power and ends up back on the House Monetary Policy subcommittee.

With grillings of Federal Reserve officials like this, he deserves a spot in the House and the subcommittee:


  1. Seems to me as I recall, he has been one of the few who has voted with Ron Paul on some war issues.

  2. C'mon Robert, he co-sponsored the audit the Fed legislation with Paul. Dude may be a moron, but he is extremely entertaining and doesn't seem to like the Fed.

  3. Grayson is a Peter Schiff client and tireless critic of the Fed. The video you posted was good, but here's the real money one as far as I'm concerned -

  4. You took a low blow at Grayson alluding to something but backed only by un-ventured scuttlebutt. Yet you're willing to promote his candidacy.

    You're better than this Wenzel.

    I don't know anything more about Grayson than what I've gleaned from his prodigious efforts in Committee to pin down the crooks in the government who have propogated the financial scams and bailouts.

    I doubt this endeared him to many of his colleagues or to the K Street crowd. It also likely accounts for the allusions you've heard but have chosen not to share.

  5. I don't know about Grayson (and it seems that he has at least ONE redeeming quality w/r/t ending the FED) but Sleazeball and Congress are practically synonyms! If he opposes the war and favors bringing home the troops as well as ending the FED, then at this point he has my support no matter how crazy the rest of his policies are!

  6. He's always struck me as being very antiwar. His foreign policy: "Just leave people alone."


  7. We definitely need more Graysons. It's great to see a demonic looking sociopath lecturing the government on itself. His pioneering of the easel and posterboard method of grandstanding is something I hope future historians document.

  8. yes! this is almost scripted..no, too good
    did you see his face after he said he wouldn't be opposed to an audit of their gold? great.

  9. Look at Grayson's tie.

  10. Grayson strikes me as an anti-business candidate in favor socialist health care.

    That said, he seems pretty good on civil liberties, war issues, and is straight out awesome on the Fed.

    With Ron Paul leaving, getting another an anti-Fed congressman inside is imperative. Think about his style, too. Paul is sometimes too nice and polite. Compare with Grayson being aggressive as hell to the point of rudeness.

    Grayson, even with whatever problems I have with some of his other positions, is alright in my book. I wouldn't call him a sleezeball. Wrong-headed on a few things, but no sleezeball.

  11. I don't know much about Grayson, he's a politician and that usually says it all, but I did love the above interrogation, I saw it when it came out and thought it was super great. I thought, "Wow, this guy is better than Ron Paul at making Fed employees look bad."

    The other classic from Grayson was the "War is making you poor" act: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0_TtYQEDTo

    And, of course, he was the first co-sponsor on Ron's "End the Fed" bill.

    If Grayson got re-elected and was able to create bills like this every couple of months, I would be entertained.