Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is is Really What a Government Should Do that Faces Financial Difficulties

Sell off assets.

The financially troubled U.S. Postal Service has sold a former postal distribution center in Marina del Rey for $44 million.

If Congress was serious about bringing financial order to the U.S. government, they would be debating which assets to liquidate---not under what conditions the debt ceiling should be raised, so more borrowing can be conducted.


  1. Silly libertarians, don't you know that tax cuts are the reason we have all of this debt? Why just look at this infographic from the white house!

  2. And just think of the possibilities to TRULY privatize fisheries and forests!

    Say goodbye to the tragedy of the commons! Say hello to wild salmon!

  3. My company currently operated in a former distribution center puirchased form the USPS in 2009.

    It is an ugly bomb-shelter style government building, perfect for our engineering firm.

    A mechanic bought the old USPS vehicle maintenance building and operates his business in the 8-bay space, renting slots out to mechanics in the same way hairdressers lease chairs.

    I hope there are more of these properties in the near future!

  4. Selling assets?

    To whom?

    I don't myself know of but 2 states who are in the black. Selling assets will lead to massive deflation in sale prices ---- which would not put municipalities back in the black.

    The correct answer is BK. The only answer is that the currency has to be reset. There can be no recovery without the consumer, who is right now, under the bus working on circa 1970s wages and working from Jan 1 to Aug 15th to paying the government every dime he/she earns to pay governmental debt.