Friday, August 26, 2011

1964 Video: Barry Goldwater Attacked by LBJ for Warning about Social Security

Below is a 1964 Lyndon Baines Johnson attack ad against Barry Goldwater for his desire to make Social Security voluntary.

Just about everything LBJ supported and that has become a United States government program, from his Great Society to stopping Social Security from becoming voluntary, has resulted in a tragic mess. The mess that Social Security is in is obvious as are the Great Society kids and grand kids that have been coddled by the state and provided a terrible education, and who now resort to flash mob attacks.

If the people only knew then what we know now.

They should have, though, if they understood theory.

(Thanks 2 Andre Grillon)


  1. The man who taught me Anarcho-Capitalism used to say that Barry forgot to bring his coupon book to show and tell.

  2. It is amazing how these scare tactics still work....

  3. SS may be in a mess, but most of those who claim it is in a mess, such as the writer of this article, fail to provide sufficient data to show how it is in trouble, when it will really get bad, etc, etc, etc. Thus their credibility is questionable.

    I'd like to see a discussion on the topic by adults with data, etc. But this would require a lot of time to understand the ins/outs of the problem. In our society today if you can't get thru it in 5 minutes then it's too complicated to investigate.

    If SS needs fixing, then let's get together and fix it so it will work. Too many people depend on it to turn it into a political football.

  4. @Anonymous 2:44pm,

    Let's get rid of politics and the state then.