Friday, August 26, 2011

Are We Headed for the First Time Toward Massive Global Inflation?

The world's greatest gold hater, but simultaneously the insider most plugged in with central banks around the world, Nouriel Roubini, just tweeted:


  1. I'm not a wonk but predicted this three years ago. I also think they are trying to perfectly offset price deflation with inflation, so that prices appear somewhat stable.

  2. The one worlders who want to co-ordinate bank activities around the world may just co-ordinate us into a massive stampede into gold and silver

    Or, more likely, unfortunately, into a one world fiat standard.

  3. Inflation and IP theft/espionage probably account for US corporate successes in recent years.

    Deep Politics Forum:
    "Echelon Cubed

    Last week, Softpedia revealed that "Google has admitted complying with requests from US intelligence agencies for data stored in its European data centers, most likely in violation of European Union data protection laws."

    "At the center of this problem," reporter Lucian Constantin wrote, "is the USA PATRIOT ACT, which states that companies incorporated in the United States must hand over data administered by their foreign subsidiaries if requested."

    "Not only that," the publication averred, "they can be forced to keep quiet about it in order to avoid exposing active investigations and alert those targeted by the probes."

    In other words, despite strict privacy laws that require companies operating within the EU to protect the personal data of their citizens, reports suggest that U.S. firms, operating under an entirely different legal framework, U.S. spy laws with built-in secrecy clauses and gag orders, trump the laws and legal norms of other nations.

    Given the widespread corporate espionage carried out by the National Security Agency's decades-long Echelon communications' intercept program, American firms such as Google, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon may very well have become witting accomplices of U.S. secret state agencies rummaging about for "actionable intelligence" on EU, or U.S., citizens.

    Indeed, a decade ago the European Union issued its final report on the Echelon spying machine and concluded that the program was being used for corporate and industrial espionage and that data filched from EU firms was being turned over to American corporations.

    In 2000, the BBC reported that according to European investigators "U.S. Department of Commerce 'success stories' could be attributed to the filtering powers of Echelon."

  4. ...mmm... only total idiots keep sensitive information "in the cloud", on out-sourced services such as Google's.

    Encryption is your friend.