Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in Washington D.C. Area

It was a rocker. Epicenter in Virginia 5.8. Much larger than most I have felt in California.

Update: I'm on the 5th floor here in D.C. so I felt it good. It started off slow with my desk shaking and I had time to think about what it was, then the shaking intensified, so with my California experience I headed to a door frame, and then it hit pretty hard. I'm guessing 20 seconds of shaking.

The latest: It has been revised to a 5.9 earthquake. The epicenter: Minerals, Virginia.



  1. Felt it all the way up here in lower Manhattan.

  2. Disappointing.

    The earthquake was just strong enough to be scary, but just weak enough to not destroy the entire capital.

  3. I was on the fifth floor in Alexandria. Thought a plane hit our building at first since they fly right above us on approach to Reagan.

    Building swayed a ton.

  4. Maybe a hurricane too later this week. LOL

  5. Was on the beaches of RI, nothing. But the locals say they felt it.

  6. Not to get all Gary Johnson on you or anything, but the Earth is growing. Earthquakes can happen anywhere. Glad you're safe.

  7. Omg I was driving listening to the talking heads on Sirius radio. It was the funniest thing I've ever heard.

    "Obama is golfing in Martha's Vineyard right now."
    "Obama got a cell phone call while he was golfing. I don't want to speculate, but the call could possibly be informing him of the earthquake."
    "We've yet to figure out a) if Obama felt it and b) what he will do about it."

  8. That's it!! Krugman can declare war on earthquakes!

  9. And Louisa County's North Anna Nuclear Project?


    It's very close to the epicenter of today's quake.

  10. Bloomberg said the nuclear power plant lost power after the quake.


    Got to keep those cooling pumps working...

  11. I did a post on the quake's proximity to North Anna Nuclear Project:


  12. It must be the carbon dioxide!