Thursday, August 4, 2011

Elizabeth Warren as a Tool of President Obama

Here's a wild one.
Yves Smith is reporting that Elizabeth Warren:
...despite her public “I'm taking some time off to think about it” stance.... has formed a committee to run for Senate in Massachusetts. I’m told she could repurpose it for a Presidential campaign but my sense is the odds are against it.
Smith goes on:
My mole, who has done granular work on Massachusetts elections, is pretty confident her bid will fail despite the fact that Scott Brown does not have terribly deep support by the center and left. He says (as we and others have) that out of state money corporate money would pour into Scott’s coffers, making it even harder to overcome the advantages he enjoys as an incumbent. In addition, Harvard professors are not a demographic that plays well in much of the state. And this reading comes from someone who is ideologically sympathetic and would support her campaign...Obama and his operatives would not be disappointed to see Warren lead quixotic liberals to a crushing defeat while diverting GOP money to Massachusetts. Whatever promises they are making to her, they are lying, and they have already thrown one female Massachusetts Senate candidate under the bus. Warren appears to be trusting Democratic party apparatchiks who pretend to share her priorities but are animated entirely by the party hierarch


  1. The poor union movement can't catch a break, couldn't even get the gig organizing Barry's 50th

  2. As a victim resident of the People's Republic of Commiechusetts, I am drooling to see a primary challenger to Brown coming from his right. Of course, anyone here would be to the right of Scott Brown (and anyone entering the race would probably have about 100 points higher in IQ as well).