Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elizabeth Warren on a Listening Tour in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren, who is largely responsible for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which will make banking even more confusing than it already is, is touring Massachusetts to see if there is any grassroots support for a run by her to become a U.S. Senator from Mass.

Politcio reports:
Warren is currently on a tour of house parties and meetings with progressive activists.  She was in Lexington, New Bedford and Brockton on Wednesday and will be heading to Framingham, Shrewsbury, Falmouth, Springfield and Pittsfield next, according to an aide.
An adviser says Warren is drawing between 40 and 80 attendees per gathering.
Warren in the Senate would make Ted Kennedy look like an advocate of constitutional conservatism during his period in the Senate.

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  1. "Listening" tour? Give me a break. This woman doesn't like to listen to anything that isn't the sound of her own voice.