Tuesday, August 16, 2011

France and Germany to Use EuroZone Crisis as Cover to Create Unified Corporate Tax System

Paging Robert Higgs, who has pointed out that governments use crises to expand their reach.

FT reports:
France and Germany are to adopt a common corporate tax system by 2013, in an effort to signal greater co-ordination of economic policy after confidence in the euro was buffeted by the sovereign debt crisis...In the most concrete of their proposals, the French and German finance ministries will draw up plans early next year to introduce a common corporate tax base and rate for the two countries to take effect from 2013.
The euro debt crisis is far from resolved,yet Sarkozy and Merkel come out of their meeting with a tax proposal for financial transactions and a proposal for unified French-German corporate taxes. Amazing.

They obviously didn't consider that expanding government and growing tax oppression might be a big part of the eurozone crisis.


  1. "Let's use this crisis to enslave the people". People are really too stupid to be free. Europe proves this.

  2. The Germans are the worlds greatest fools...Believing Wall Street/rating agencies about mortgage secuities...Actually working for a living when the government steals 75% of all their earnings...Living in that miserable climate whilst the Greeks lay around on the beach subsidized by stolen german labor efforts. They will end up bailing out the Greeks in the end. The Greeks know this and are laughing just like the Wall Street bond traders.

  3. Time for all you "thinkers" to revisit an old 1930's classic "Cartels in Action". This is globalization which you all know is based on "trade and monetary exchange". You nave codified it in a worldwide network of exchanges. What are they teaching in economics these days!