Monday, August 1, 2011

Hey, Ben Bernanke Buy Some More Green Ink: The Treasury is Back in Action

The U.S Treasury has announced its borrowing plans for the third quarter:

A cool $331 billion.

In the October-December fourth quarter, Treasury expects to borrow another $285 billion, ending the year with $100 billion cash.


  1. Beware the Federal reserve is going to confuse us by using "roman numerals" to designate all of the "Q E"s they are going to jamb down our throat.

  2. Ah, so instead of celebrating Super Bowl XLVI we can eventually look forward to Quantitative Easing XLVI (Extra Large Via Infinity)!

    Hey, one always needs to practice PIIGS Latin. Otherwise it would be all greek to me.

  3. Taxpayers are to worlds greatest chumps.