Monday, August 1, 2011

The Economist Has No Pants

Paul Krugman explains:
Doing Bloomberg TV at 3, from the Princeton studio. Time to put on jacket, tie, shorts and sandals.


  1. I vaguely recall an advertisement, maybe in one of my Father's tennis magazines back in the 70's, where there is a scene in a TV studio of men in a "Meet the Press" like discussion wearing suits and ties exposed above the table, but below the table, they had on their tennis shorts, Stan Smiths, balls, rackets,etc under the table.

  2. He's wearing shorts.

    Looking sexy while wearing them too.

  3. Keep in mind that Krugman has existed his entire life in circles where he can wear sandals all day (with socks) and still be taken seriously by others.

  4. First he has to have that, oh so professorial, tweed jacket surgically removed from his upper torso.