Friday, August 12, 2011

Karl Rove: Ron Paul May Do Very Well in Iowa

Get a load of this from establishment political operative Karl Rove:
While [Ron Paul] has no chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, he may do well at the Straw Poll. 
There's history between the two Texans, Rove and Paul, and it must have pained Rove greatly to write the above sentence, but political operative that he is, he knows that he has to recognize reality and then spin it. So the spin will be that anybody can win Iowa.
The truth is that if Ron Paul wins in Iowa, Romney, Bachmann, Pawlenty, Gingrich and Cain didn't.
Rove can spin that anyway he likes, but what the poll really proves is that voters aren't listening to spinsters like Rove and voting for the person they think can bring real change. 


  1. Any comments on Nouriel Roubini's latest remarks where he states the risk of a global recession is greater than 50 percent, and the next two to three months will reveal the economy's direction?

    Roubini also says he's putting his money in cash. "This is not the time to be in risky assets," he says.

  2. I still remember a few years ago when Rove and the NRA went after Ron Paul in the primary because he did not want to federalize the gun issue even more. Still not sure why Rove is viewed by some as this big expert -- sort of the same mindset as krugman. Both spend so much time saying how smart they are, and it apparently rubs off on others.

    Rove's advice was awful. W should have easily won both races considering the two idiots put to run up against him, yet W barely won in 04 and it was basically a tie in 00, and then managed to lose partial control of congress.

    Rove's idea of embracing open borders to get the "hispanic" vote, and making the same mistake that most whites who haven't actually been around regular spanish people make, is thinking that the same sort of things that Cuban-americans like would apply to Mexican-americans. Anyone who has spent time with the two groups of people know exactly how foolish that idea is -- sort of like thinking whites in Rhode Island appreciate the same sort of policies as whites in Texas.

    I think it shows what an idiot Rove is better than just about anything else.

  3. Something is impossible until it happens!

  4. The Establishment is broadcasting the "Ron Paul can't win" message every chance it gets. Then I hear it repeated back to me by clueless neocons. He dominates every poll I ever see, so they should STFU.

  5. I heard a few people on fox news today say they thought Ron Paul would win it. Hope they are right.

  6. Roubini should be watched for his insider comments. He watches the data pretty closely, but becasue he is a Keynesian, he is often way off on forecasts when based on theory, such as now.

  7. I think George Will already started the process last Sunday with his Op-Ed piece about "buying" the straw poll.

    They don't want RP to gain any momentum and have another "Pat Buchanan winning New Hampshire" on their hands.
    Therefor let's smear RP's supporters as zealots and loonies who hate the Fed.

  8. Aren't the same fools who are saying "Ron Paul can't win the nomination" and "Ron Paul can't win the election in '12", the same people who predicted so confindently that Bush II's Iraq war would be a 'cakewalk' and that Iraqis would all be welcoming us as "libertators" with flowers and open arms?

    Looks like somebody's crystal ball was REALLY cracked that day! This time too!

    David K. Meller

  9. Hate to be a downer, but...

    Remember NH in the 2008 campaign?
    We had that in the bag right? "Live Free or Die" state.
    We got our ASSES KICKED. Exit poll interview sample: "I'm against all these wars, so I voted for McCain".
    You can look it up.
    NEVER underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.
    Naw, We're gonna have to hope for some major event or Ron's gonna have to "sex-up" his approach if we're gonna have political success.
    As for me, I take comfort in the fact that RP is rallying the remnant and recruiting newbies to the light. I gladly cough up my $$$ to that end. Screw the White House. That avenue is closed to traffic. A well informed PEACEFUL action is what's called for. Galt's Gulch or some facsimile.

  10. This is classic. Set Paul up in the public mind to win, and anything less than coming in first is a loss.
    Pay attention friends, they are devilish.

  11. I'm with "Capn Mike". I will go even farther: Obama will probably get re-elected by promising even more multi-trillion dollar deficits and more high priced mercenaries instead of low-paid econ. draftees. (That's how the US creates the illusion of withdrawal.)

  12. Ron's got friends in low places. The survival community is behind him. Conspiracy theorists. It would be nice if we could get the gay community and the drug-legalization crowd. I'm just saying there is a lot of support.