Friday, August 12, 2011

The Criminal Career of Rudy Giuliani

Tom Woods links to a very important article by Paul Craig Roberts about the prosecutorial misconduct of the very politically driven Rudy Giuliani.

If you are not familiar Giuliani's evil role in the charges brought against Michael Milken, and in another case against Leona Helmsley, you need to read the article: here.

The corporate elite are much stronger today thanks to the vicious Giuliani prosecution of Milken. Milken, among other financings, funded corporate raiders who were chiefly going after elite, corporate establishment companies. The raiders took over these elitist firms, cut fat, and often threw out the firm CEO, who was taking an unconscionable salary with multi-millions in perks.

The raiders were a free market enforcer that stopped management that ignored shareholders and feasted on the core of the firm. Since Giuliani's charges against Milken, raiders stopped hostile takeovers. They knew that the attack on Milken was an attack on corporate raiders and that anyone who dared to continueto launch hostile attacks would end up bunking in a prison cell with Milken.

Since then corporate salaries of top management at elitists firms have exploded, perks have exploded and the raiders that once would have put a check on such behavior are gone. All thanks to Giuliani.


  1. It is also heavily rumored among organized crime circles that Rudy's dad was a big time mafiaso leader, and that most of Rudy's busts on the mafia were simply taking out the competition. What better power could a mafia family have against others than having a relative as a prosecutor?

  2. There's something about lustful, power-mad people like him that give me the creeps. Their narcissism makes them dangerous. Watch/listen closely to video/audio of him.

  3. Wenzel,

    Don't forget the way Giuliani treated Marc Rich in order to further his "tough on crime" credentials as he sought to build his career early on, something I covered in my review of The King of Oil on EPJ.

  4. Can't say I have ever seen anyone make the case FOR Milken. I guess this is one (strange) way to grind an ax.

  5. @anonymous 9:12 am
    If I am correct in comprehending your post,and not reading any irony in your post, you have not read/seen anyone defending Milken's case, so obvious is his culpability in your own eyes. Perhaps you need to read this for your enlightenment :

    Apperances are sometimes deceiving. Conmen usually use deception.

  6. A little off topic, but regarding the Iowa debate, Rick Santorum looked like this campaign's version of Giuliani.
    Maybe Rick needs a reading list too.

  7. One should read "Den of Thieves" before forming an opinion about Mr. Milken.

    That, and Sherman Skolnick.

    It's entirely possible to pass on Guiliani AND Milken.