Friday, August 26, 2011

Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul

Below is an Alex Jones interview with Lew Rockwell. Lew has been a long-time supporter and confidant of Ron Paul. They say one mark of a man is the friends he keeps ,and you can see from this interview that RP has made a wise choice in making Lew a life long friend.

Billy Joel is generally correct when he sings that most of us haven't started any major fire. But that is not the case with Lew Rockwell, he had a lot to do with starting the Ron Paul fire.


  1. Well said, Wenzy.

  2. Just as there is a Mises institute today, there will one day be Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell institutes to celebrate the abolishment of the Fed and the discrediting of Keynesian nonsense.

  3. I think L.R. and R.P. need to, where appropriate, lead off their response with "I agree with you. And..."

    L.R. and R.P. and the gang are right on all the important points. They just need to work a bit on their delivery, and develop a better connection with the audience and interviewer.