Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Price Inflation: High End Bike and Mountain Bike Edition

EPJ reader, Matt sends along this email he received from TrialPads:
Effective September 1, 2011 we will be increasing the prices on many of our products including Trialtech and Inspired brand. For the longest time we tried to avoid price increase in order to offer the best value to our customers. Due to rising costs in manufactured goods, transportation and other areas, the price increase was necessary in order to keep Trials Pads operational. The price will increase by an average of 10%.
Matt added:
search danny macaskill on youtube if you want to see some amazing things on this type of bike. it will blow your mind!!!

So I did. Pretty cool stuff, though my question is how well will Macaskill deal with global inflation? If he is earning endorsement money, he will likely be an early recipient of new money and be ahead on the price inflation curve---unless we get to hyper-inflation which will make it difficult for anyone without gold and other assets to be ahead of the curve. Income at that stage won't do it.


  1. While its not apparent yet how each of us will have our lives impacted by the ensuing inflation, it is glaringly apparent that Danny has far more useful skills then the hacks Obama is taking economic advice from.

  2. @anon 9:24 Even when considering his skills are relatively useless (though impressive) I think that stands true.

  3. I went in to Subway the other day for the first time in years and was blown away at how small the sandwiches are now. Same goes for McDonalds these days, too. Inflation is already here, but just being hidden better than in the past.