Monday, August 15, 2011

Question: How Do You Rejuvinate the Economy?

Answer (from Paul Krugman) Gear up to fight non-existent space aliens--for real.

And Krugman now thinks Austrians have become a bad influence:
the kind of real — and really bad — influence that the Austrians have lately acquired

No Paul, what would be a really bad influence is if Obama, Bachmann, Romney or Perry starts calling for the gearing up of a battle against non-existent space aliens.


  1. Nice of Paul to give Austrians some publicity. A lot of people think Krugman is a moron, and they'll see this as an endorsement.

  2. He actually mentioned Austrian economics by name? Now if he would only stop using straw men to explain its concepts and make an attempt to understand basic economic principles like the broken window fallacy, we'd be getting somewhere.

  3. When did austrians gain any sort of influence in DC? It is the same keynesian nonsense krugman advocates that is the policy by both idiot parties and the Fed.