Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rick Perry and Job Growth

It is doubtful that Texas Governor Rick Perry policies are responsible for any gains in employment in Texas. Paul Krugman puts up this useful chart showing, Texas, Massachusetts and New York pretty much trending in line as far as the unemployment rate.

Bottom line, Rick Perry is a legend in his own mind when it comes to job creation. As Krugman puts it:
Funny how Deval Patrick isn’t running for President on the strength of the Massachusetts economic miracle.


  1. His chart is deceptively wrong. It shows California never going above 9%(currently north of 11%). He is a douche-bag.

  2. Anonymous, which chart are you referring to? In my view, all I see is a chart about Texas, Massachusetts, and New York. No California. Do you have access to another chart?

  3. I think it comes down to the money-printing entering the economy (as Robert has indicated). Perry is running on 2010, when Texas was ahead of the nation. Now, the artificial, fiat-currency-induced, economy is kicking in. Inflation, which is already rapidly kicking in, will skyrocket, and that will be the same in Texas as in the other states.

    Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who has a clue (and even if he got elected, it's still a long-shot to turn everything around). I hope Americans can see that in time.

  4. So, when do we tell them about the gay strip clubs?

  5. Krugman hand picked Massachusetts and New York to try to torpedo the Perry campaign. Massachusetts is essentially a giant college town. As such it is immune to much of the fluctuations in the job market that are seem in other states.

    Krugman fails to point out that Massachusetts has been losing population while Texas has been growing.