Friday, August 26, 2011

Ron Paul on PBS NewsHour

Judy Woodruff, in this interview conducted in July, gives Ron Paul a chance to really explain his positions. Remarkably, she treated Ron Paul with respect almost a month before Jon Stewart gave marching orders to MSM to pay attention to RP.

(Thanks 2 Dr. Michael Edelstein)


  1. PBS News Hour also was very fair last time around. This has links to the 2007 interview.
    Slightly ironic given they would lose funding under RP, but I'm fairly confident PBS would survive anyhow.

  2. And while we're on the subject of explaining positions, here's Tom Woods eviscerating the Jeffrey Lord hit piece that's been doing the rounds of the websites. Bonus: he tells you where to find links to his K.O. of Mark Levin:

  3. Michael's website is:

    You have listed it as:

  4. RP now rated as favorably in polls as Romney and Perry: