Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ron Paul Warns of Riots; Robert Reich Calls for Marches

Ron Paul, yesterday on FOX, told Lou Dobbs that a serious attempt to cut back government spending, along with the possibility of escalating inflation, could lead to European style unrest in the United States (See the video clip below).

Near simultaneously, the Keynesian, University of Berkeley professor and George Soros operative, Robert Reich put out a blog post calling for marches in the streets:
Labor Day is traditionally a time for picnics and parades. But this year is no picnic for American workers, and a protest march would be more appropriate than a parade...

Perhaps there would still be something to celebrate on Labor Day if government was coming to the rescue. But Washington is paralyzed, the President seems unwilling or unable to take on labor-bashing Republicans, and several Republican governors are mounting direct assaults on organized labor (see Indiana, Ohio, Maine, and Wisconsin, for example).

So let’s bag the picnics and parades this Labor Day. American workers should march in protest. They’re getting the worst deal they’ve had since before Labor Day was invented – and the economy is suffering as a result/
We are still early stage as far as riots, but Reich's call for marches is evidence that Dr. Paul, unfortunately, understands exactly what is developing. There's a global attitude among many that government should somehow act to take care of the populace. The fundamental understanding that only production creates wealth and that government sucks up wealth, just has not sunken in. Frighteningly, there will be anger against government for "not doing enough," which will likely lead to people taking to the streets.  But the anger will not be taken out against government. It likely will result in riots in our major cities that will destroy property and other wealth that has been created by the private sector that has nothing to do with the undeliverable promises of the government .


  1. and that is why it would be dangerous if ron paul gets elected. the zombies will go all out. there will be massive riots. the only real benefit of a ron paul presidency would be the end of the wars.but that would be the reversal of 90 years of policy.

  2. Dsylexic (irony?):
    And your alternative is...???

  3. "Perhaps there would still be something to celebrate on Labor Day if government was coming to the rescue."

    makes my stomach churn...

  4. In NYC they don't even hold the Labor Day parade on Labor Day, because the union members don't want to give up their long weekend to march in it. So they hold the parade the following Saturday.

  5. In Reich's intellectually bankrupt world its good policy to spend $600,000 (based on recent deals in Michigan with Johnson Controls and LG) or more to create a $40,000/yr job. At the same time he cries about the raw deal that labor is getting I presume from the "rich". In whose pocket does this moron think the other $550,0000 (assuming $10k in payroll burden)is going to go? He can't be so stupid to not understand this can he?

  6. I am really sick of the Democrats who keep demanding for more government spending. Government spending does not necessarily create more jobs. For example, if the government throw the money into the sea, would there be any additional job created? The government has done too much; too much harm to the US citizens that is. What the Fed did during the 2008 financial crisis was not Keynesianism. It was cronyism. The Fed is owned by private bankers, NOT the US government. As disclosed recently, the Fed was rescuing its bosses at all cost, giving free-flowing money at extremely low interest rate and accepting junks as collateral. It has abused the power of printing money. The interest of US citizens has been illegally violated. The money printed was not used to stimulate the economy, build infrastructure, or increase employment, as Keynes suggested. It was outright corruption. The money was given to the bankers to continue their gambling or risk taking. The bankers will never lose because the US citizens will pay for the losses while the bankers get to keep whatever they win. The Congress must remove the Fed and take ownership of its Central Bank.

    I am worry that Dr. Ron Paul will be assassinated if he become Republicans candidate for 2012 election or after he won the election. He is too big a threat to the bankers. I hope Dr. Ron Paul would take extra caution on this possibility.

  7. @capn mike. there is no real alternative. i just dont want the free market to take the blame for the riots. like they always blame.

    the dsyfunctional system will die on its time.the time for liberty is not yet on the horizon.the zombies dont want it.

    ps: my moniker is not is a pun.not sure its up your alley

  8. Where are all you bright minds? The unions, especially the service ones, are organizing now for an "assualt" on Wall Street, date Sept. 17th at last call. That is a Sat.and if it gets out of hand., well, you can imagine what that might lead to!

    The marxists are in full control, with the President one of them. He learned well from his Columbia U. mentors about how to bring down the USA.
    Just watch while the new generation of "acorns", miraculously brought back to life with Federal funds under new names and the same old agenda, go to work on the rest of us!