Monday, August 22, 2011

S&P Prez Taken Down; To Be Replaced by Bankster!!

Do not even begin to tell the truth about the financial situation of the United States government if you work for the establishment.

Standard & Poor's parent McGraw Hill has announced that Deven Sharma will step down as president of S&P.

Under Sharma's watch S&P recently downgraded the debt of the United States government debt rating to AA+ from AAA. Now, Sharma is on his way out.

Sharma will step down from his role as president on Sept. 12 and will leave the firm at the end of the year, McGraw-Hill said.

Sharma will be replaced by a mainline bankster, Douglas Peterson, former COO of Citigroup.


  1. Memo to Sharma: You don't push bullies AA- you knee them in the balls. CC

  2. RW, would it be possible to add a "Print" option to your blog posts?

  3. The fix is in, rather, reINforced!

    You have to be mentally ill or intellectually dishonest or deficient not to notice this.

  4. If S&P's credibility wasn't demolished after propping up the mortgage related securities, this story should put the nail in the coffin. I emphasize "should", but it won't. People will believe what their told to believe by the institutions without checking credibility, reliability, or even common sense. Hence, when Peterson upgrades the US credit again, everyone will point to Sharma a a rogue and breathe a sigh of relief that all is well and good again.

  5. He's lucky he didn't get two to the head. I figured we'd read about him dying in a plane crash.

  6. Anon @ 11:45:

    It's early yet...

  7. Ahhh Grasshopper, you look, but you do not see.

    If you believe there is any honesty in this dance, you do not understand that it has all been carefully choreographed for your entertainment by the Wizard who pulls the levers and pushes the buttons behind the curtain. All involved are playing their assigned roles and are well compensated for their parts. None of this was by accident. There are no "rogues". Mr. Sharma was "chosen". He has done what was required of him so that you don't think "too much" about the Wizard and go comfortably back to sleep.

    But, be of good cheer Grasshopper. The Wizard is doomed and knows it. He is terrified that you will see the theft, lies, war, murder, starvation, and destruction he has engineered. He lies awake at night thinking about the mob, and what they will do to him when they come. He is like a wolf caught in a trap of his own making, gnawing off his leg to get free. There will be more Sharmas - more thrown under the bus - more gnawing.

    Prepare, Grasshopper. A big storm is coming...