Friday, August 19, 2011

The Stone Dishes High Heat and Plenty of Dirt on the Bushies

Dirty trickster political operative Roger Stone has his thumbs blazing.  From recent tweets:


  1. Maybe this is to be expected? I mean, they're all snakes.

    People like the Bush family, Rove, Stone, etc while not outright sociopaths, are unethical con-men and evil bastards with long histories of hush hush trickery and corrupt back-room deals.

    Maybe their reptilian nature has lead to some kind of blow up where they're now turning on each other? If so, I say bring it on. They've caused so much damage, I can't feel sorry for any of their troubles.

  2. Anonymous 1 said:

    "...while not outright sociopaths..."

    Evidence for that appraisal??


    You're joking aren't you?

  4. Stone has always disliked Bush, he did the recount uprising as a favor to James Baker III. He has been consistent in his Bush-hatred.

    He's been on Trump's payroll lately. I am a fan - he's a free-marketeer w/ a strong "live & let live" philosophy. In addition, his political instincts are really honed. Nice work Bob.

  5. I would ask the same question and I wouldn't be joking.