Monday, August 29, 2011

Stuart Varney Rips Warren Buffett, Big Time

Stuart Varney brings on to his show convicted felon Sam Antar to discuss Buffett's recent call for higher taxes on the rich and his cozy relationship with President Obama. Major props to Varney, there aren't many in mainstream media that would take on Buffett.

As for Antar, Varney questions Antar a bit on his crimes. Notice Varney's reaction when he learns the size of Antar's crimes and puts that together with the fact that Antar got off with only six-months house arrest. Antar is one shrewd cookie. During a telephone interview, I asked him about the light sentence. He told me, ahem, that he was as surprised as everyone when he only got six-months house arrest. It was only a telephone interview, but I still checked my wallet after the interview was over.


  1. I trust him about as much as I trust FT and MI6.

  2. I give Antar credit for disclosing his history upfront without minimizing it and expressing his regret for it. That's better than lots of talking heads and gurus.

  3. 500 million+ swindle /6 months house arrest.A WalMart misnomer punishable by fine and/or up to 1 years in jail.(see Petty Theft time?). Go figure.

  4. The MSM is starting to show some of the cracks in the facade of our system, and exposing small bits of the fundamental and disgusting rot that lies at the heart of our political and economic system.

    Sam Antar (never heard of him before) should watch his back- his frank admission that he was let off MUCH easier than 99.999% of criminals for crimes several orders of magnitude larger than people who get life sentences in prison illustrates vividly the corrupt nature of the legal system.

    Great post, Bob!

    Dale Fitz

  5. What a bunch of B.S.. It is shows like this that give MSM the bad wrap. I came up out of my crawl space to listen to this claptrap? Varney and Antar, a good comical show for the new season. It should episode.

  6. What's the problem, Scarlett? You don't like the facts presented here?

    Obviously, Buffet had insider info. Plus, he owes back taxes. What a hypocrite. Nothing is stopping him from sending more money to the tax coffers. But no, he wants to increase taxes on small businesses who employ people.
    But the biggest crook of all is Obummer who gives waivers to his campaign contributor pals from all his horrible new laws, such as the phony health care bill,