Monday, August 29, 2011

Krueger and Krugman Can't Even Get Their Mail Delivered Correctly

....and these guys want to fix the entire economy.

Krugman explains:
 He’s done excellent work, [Krueger's] a really good guy, whom I know pretty well, since we keep getting each others’ mail...Also, the reason we get each others’ mail is that Princeton relies on the advanced mail-processing technology known as pigeon-holes, and our slots are next to each other in the Woodrow Wilson School set.
This should be one helluva an economy , if Obama pays attention to these two. Krugman will be calling for more money printing and government spending. Krueger will be calling for higher minimum wage laws and a VAT. We might as well just bring in Freddy Kreuger, get him a mail slot at Princeton and let him plan the economy. It couldn't be any worse.


  1. Well, with Freddie, there's a chance, with all that slashing, that he might accidentally slash some government spending. So, I'd take F. Krueger over A. Kruger. any day.

  2. Paul, I don't see how this "cheapen(s) the discussion" since it shows how incompetent the Post Office- a government run monopoly- is, while they call for even MORE government interference in the economy. Seems to be a perfect example to me!

    Dale Fitz

  3. Post like this cheapen the discussion.

  4. @Dale Fitz

    It could be worse. It might be Princeton employees distributing the mail incorrectly, which means Krugman and Kreuger don't even know how to get that fixed in house.

  5. Maybe I read it wrong but he seems to be talking about getting the other guy's mail within their private mailboxes on campus at Princeton. Not sure the post office handles that one.

    It's like in grade school where everyone has a cubby box and sometimes you get the kids around you putting their stuff in your cubby box by accident.

  6. Posts like the one Paul made show how denial can attempt to cheapen the discussion.

    Yeah, with Krugman and this latest clown running things, we could have a $25 an hour minimum wage (since it does not affect employment numbers), several trillion more in money creation, and several trillion more in spending.

    That will be just what kickstarts the economy!

  7. Anonymous @ 3:49: If I'm reading the post correctly, this is Princeton's in-house mail delivery, not the USPS, although they certainly are incompetent. Maybe it is a little off topic, but that Freddy Krueger pun was worth it.

  8. @Paul, it would be most helpful to complete comment by providing how this post cheapens the discussion, otherwise, I consider your comment a "hit and run".

  9. Krueger...Would that be Freddy Krueger? :P