Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This is All You Need to Know about the Overthrow of Libya's Gaddafi

Eric Margolis writes (my emphasis):
Meanwhile, Libya is literally turning into a gold rush as the big western oil firms pile into Libya and pay court to the new government in Tripoli, the National Transitional Council. Police units and troops from Britain, France and Italy may soon follow – all, naturally, as part of the west’s new "humanitarian intervention"...
Libya is in semi-chaos and its economy devastated by six months of conflict. The food distribution system has broken down. Thousands of heavily armed "rambos" make their own law. There are barely any state institutions aside from the national oil company and central bank...
There are more prizes to be had: Libya’s gold reserves, estimated at $4-5 billion; and its nearly $100 billion of foreign deposits and investments.

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  1. I read that also RW. It would seem that the money elite are a serially murderous bunch destroying everything around their sacred structures. The bank and the oil structures. The Rothschild clan and their minions are well pleased now. More control, the noose just gripped tighter around the Libyans.