Friday, August 12, 2011

Washington Times Reporter Shutdown by Mainstream Media

Watch MSM shutdown Washington Times reporter Bill Kelly as he attempts to ask Senator Dick Durbin a tough question. Maybe this explains why MSM doesn't ask Durbin about his odd trading around the time Warren Buffett bought into Goldman Sachs stock.



  1. Just usual DC practice. Why does anybody act as if this doesn't happen on a regular basis? I mean, these people are criminals.

  2. Is the first mandatory class in Journo school 'ass-kissing 101'???

    EVERY time in my long life (many times that is) when I have been privy to the reality of a situation, and then read or viewed the 'official' version in the MSM, the official version was lies, lies, and MORE lies. And always to the aggrandizement of the authorities.
    My nickname for "AP" is 'American Pravda", although of course these days "Pravda MUST be more credible.

  3. What this really shows is how manipulated and dishonest the American media machine is. They play along with the Pols and the MSM gets the access they need. This is why this country is so misinformed and easily manipulated today, but that's all changing as people stop getting their news from the MSM and turn to blogs like this to get the real scoop. As someone that trades for a living I use to read 12 journals almost daily. Today I read only a handful which include EPJ and Zerohedge.

  4. Damn good work by this guy. We need more like him.

  5. That's why I love living in Chicagoland. I can translate stories from Chicago to my Mexican relatives and they understand the Chicago political culture perfectly. ¡Viva Chicago! Who needs Third World corruption when we have Chicago?