Saturday, September 17, 2011

AMAZING: Ex-Solyndra Employees Not Done Milking the Federal Government

The former employees of the infamous Obama-connected, failed solar panel company Solyndra have applied for aid under the federal government’s Trade Adjustment Assistance program, the Labor Department has confirmed to Investor's Business Daily.

If approved, the ex-employees of the scandal ridden solar company will be eligible for more federal funds to enable them to be retrained for other jobs.

A source at the department confirmed to IBD the request for assistance was received on Sept. 2, just two days after the company filed bankruptcy, placing all 1,100 employees out of work.

The request was made by a representative of the 1,100 ex-employees and covers all of them. The department estimates the aid will cost $13,000 per worker for the coming year.

The TAA program offers help to domestic workers who have lost their jobs due to the trade practices of foreign countries. It is not exactly clear how the employees of the crooked, incompetent Solyndra are claiming foreign trade practices resulted in the downfall of the firm, since it is likely execs at the firm wouldn't be able to tell the difference between profit and the prophet Baba Vanga.

The assistance includes job retraining, allowances for job searching, health benefits and up to 130 weeks of income support.

Not surprisingly, the White House is pushing for an extension of the TAA program, which is up for reauthorization. Big Labor  is behind the WH effort for an  $575 million extension of the program. The more people Big Labor can keep out of the labor market, the better for them.  Meanwhile, Obama's unemployment numbers look terrible. I wonder if he gets the connection.


  1. Does this mean that the job experiences learned by these employees at this company are not applicable in ANY other sector of the economy? If this were really the wave of the future, then wouldn't these workers be in some sort of demand?

  2. Mr. Wenzel,

    Unfortunately, I doubt a man with a sick, collectivist worldview like Obummer's really cares if there is any connection, at least to the extent that the individual is relevant.

  3. @Anonymous: Exactly what I was wondering too! If green tech is the industry to build the future, these solar panel workers would immediately get new jobs. Hell, other green tech companies should be lined up outside Solyndra with employment contracts at hand.

    Or maybe this green tech thing is just a creation of government to push through Al Gore's fraudulent idea of man made climate change, an idea that is so ignorant that it makes my head spin.