Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are They Tanking Europe on Purpose to Bring on the United States of Europe?

As I have been pointing out here at EPJ and more extensively at the EPJ Daily Alert, the European Central Bank has been intensifying the eurozone crises by completely stopping the printing of euros. Now, in an ideal world a central bank not printing money is a good thing. It means there is no manipulated economy, no malinvestments and no boom-bust cycle. But we are talking about banksters, who live off money printing that gets to them before the rest of the public, slowing money printing. What's up with their stopping money supply growth?

Bob Murphy and I were in fact just having a discussion, earlier today, over the phone about this matter. At one point, I put it to Bob bluntly, "What the hell are these guys up to?" Bob responded, "Maybe, they want to make things worse so that they can respond with even more controls?"

Within just a few hours of Bob's comment, NYT is out with this:
As leaders in Europe try to contain a deepening financial crisis, they are also increasingly talking about making fundamental changes to the way their 17-nation economic union works.

The idea is to create a central financial authority — with powers in areas like taxation, bond issuance and budget approval — that could eventually turn the euro zone into something resembling a United States of Europe.

Officials have been hesitant to publicly endorse such a drastic change. But privately they say the issue has gained urgency in recent months, as it has become clear that Europe’s current approach, which requires unanimity on any significant moves, is unwieldy and inefficient. The idea is being promoted by some global financial officials, who worry about the risks that continued uncertainty in Europe poses to the global economy...

The lack of strong central coordination of the euro zone’s debt and spending policies is a crucial reason Europe has been unable to resolve its financial crisis despite more than 18 months of effort.
Are the banksters using these multiple eurozone crises to set up Europe to move further along the road to a totalitarian Europe run by the banksters? Sure looks like it.


  1. Crisis-reaction-solution.
    Sure looks like it.
    Not on topic, but thought this was a useful resource for people to read, especially young people:


  2. Yrup is to be taken down first to destroy the Euro, support the $, and impose a new political regimen on the Continent. Iceland may be the only escapee.

    The US is to (already has) become the center of corporate/fascist control with the whips and chains to be fully unleashed when the dollar completes its swan dive. The $ swan dive to oblivion will occur after gold has been run down as a result of the fall out from the destruction of the Euro.

    That's what my crystal ball foretells...

  3. Wenzel,

    Alex Jones makes similar claims about the crisis in the US (as well as 9/11)... that these were controlled events to foster a public demand for more centralization and greater control by the overlords.

    Do you think that we might be witnessing engineered crises here in the US? If not, why do you think it's possible in Europe but not the US?

  4. The Daily Bell this morning has a very good analysis of this unfolding spectacle.


  5. Why does everyone always end up resorting to paranoid conspiracy theories when things don't go as they "should".

    Yes, all of history is engineered going back to 3000BC by a tiny faction at the top. You guys give these people WAY too much credit.

  6. thanks for the reminder regarding the Daily Bell. I missed the Bell's Elves this morning.

  7. The following quote from a yahooarticle encapsulates who government officials really serve:

    "If you start breaking it [the EU] up, basically what will happen is you will eliminate the debt of your country in the new currency. So that's a breach of contract, you default on your debt. It would be very, very difficult to protect the banks," he [Stephane Deo, UBS] explained.

  8. Robert, I'm somewhat surprised you haven't blogged about this.

  9. The United States of Europe was their plan all along....aka, The Borg Collective.

    Do you not see what your owners are doing? They really are not that hard to figure out.

  10. @Anon 4.54

    That's why, a few days back, I said that so called Goldman report boosting the franc was disinfo and that people should be selling franc and getting out after a nice run up.
    Celente said he moved out of franc completely.

  11. I used to be more into the conspiracy theories. Now I think they might just all be morons following Keynesian economics and trying to save the insolvent banking system. Maybe it a conspiracy, I don't know.

  12. A handful of people own and control all the Central Banks...Of course it is all a conspiracy. Only complete fools think it's not!

    The global banker/political terrorist cartel is trying to create 3 or 4 economic zones with a common currency to be used for global trade. Just open your eyes and listen to the terrorists on the government-controlled broadcast MSM. Trying to figure out what is actually going on is very difficult for the public schoolers. It is designed that way.

  13. So printing Euros out of thin air would help the European economies?

  14. Anonymous @3:28 PM said, "Yes, all of history is engineered going back to 3000BC by a tiny faction at the top. You guys give these people WAY too much credit."

    From my study of history, that's exactly the case, all of history Is engineered going back to 3000BC by a tiny faction at the top... I think People such as yourself give far too little credit where credit is due.

  15. "From my study of history, that's exactly the case, all of history Is engineered going back to 3000BC by a tiny faction at the top... I think People such as yourself give far too little credit where credit is due. "

    Then they must be little gods who can foresee the future with almost perfect clarity. That's just complete silliness. The present "conspiracy" isn't 5000 years old. Again, you give these people WAY too much credit.

  16. Citing the non-depression of 1921/22 (I believe that's the correct dates) could this course of action (assuming you're correct) backfire? Meaning, if they do maintain a no-printing policy and Europe essentially liquidates the malinvestment from the economy--through a heavy recession, couldn't their economy come back even stronger once the markets have cleared? It seems to me that with a stable monetary base the clearing of the market/liquidation of malinvestment could occur very quickly. I imagine they--the powers that are--will have to act with similar speed in order to implement their desired USofE plans when the economy is at its worst. Otherwise the Europeans will begin digging themselves out and not see a drastic need for a radical change. Just a thought.

  17. Been the plan all along. Even when they "lose" they win. They have human nature on their side, so they can't lose.

    Everyone wants something for free; the elite are just much better at getting it. The differences between a "crony capitalist" and a welfare recipient are only happenstance of birth, intelligence, ability, and ambition (and probably many fewer children). The ethics are exactly the same.

    Until human nature evolves past this, there will be no "solutions". The majority really does rule in any nation, it's just that the majority are immoral and always have been. The elite know how to take advantage of that.