Monday, September 12, 2011

A Beltarian Examines the Obama "Jobs" Plan

Run Paul-hater, and featured speaker at Koch-funded events, Megan McArdle breaks down the Obama speech and tells us (My comments in italics):
I think that it's generally solid on the spending/tax cut side. The targeted employment stuff is basically a decent plan--we should be aggressively looking for ways to keep the long term unemployed from turning into the permanently unemployed...  

The "targeted employment stuff" is a nutty plan which will nudge employers to hire people only after they have been out of work for 6 months or cause potential hires not out of work at least 6 months to work for $4,000  less than employees who have been out of work for six months, since for all practical purposes long-term unemployed walk in with a $4,000 government check if they are hired.

The infrastructure stuff will be fine, if we choose good projects...
The infrastructure program is a bankster-union joint operation scam. (More here.)
The direct assistance stuff is a little bit mixed: yes to unemployment insurance extension, meh on maintaining government payrolls...
Extension of unemployment is simply paying people not to work. Further with Obama's plan to pay employers who hire long-term unemployed, it sets up a governmnet created tug of war between long term unemployed and employers. Totally insane.
With Belltarians like this, who needs Marxists?


    "With MARXISTS like this, who needs Marxists."

    Calling her anything that even rhymes with "libertarian" is an affront to all things libertarian.

    No wonder she hates Ron Paul.

  2. Dang, Texas Chris, I was going to call her a glibertarian, but I wouldn't want to commit affrontery.

  3. With fascists like this, who needs marxists?

  4. Indeed, Bob. With Orwellitarians like her, who needs Pravda.

    What's really troubling is that she titles her article, "Obama's Job Plan: Mostly More of the Same," then proceeds to endorse, in theory, said central planning (given a couple of superficial, tactical caveats). I.e., the status quo ain't so bad after all!

    Gag me with a plastictarian.

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