Monday, September 19, 2011

Budowsky: MSM Is Acting like a Herd of Pravda Reporters when It Comes to Ron Paul

The Hill's Brent Budowsky explains:
Over the weekend Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll, leaving Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in the dust. And polls are starting to show Paul in third place, though many media covering the campaign, imitating Pravda under the Soviets, ignore Ron Paul in their insistence the Republican contest is a two-person race.

The issue here is not merely Ron Paul, who has earned far more respectful coverage than he has ever received. It is the Pravda-like herd of insider media who believe some candidates (like Donald Trump and Rick Perry) should be treated with media festivals, while others (like Ron Paul) are treated like the Soviet dissidents who disappeared into the gulag during the Cold War, and were treated by the Soviets as though they did not exist.

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  1. Some people hate Ron Paul because he is useless. Useless because he refuses to be used, not pay-per-play. The bankers hate him because he will not let them get richer by accumulating more counterfeit dollars from Federal Reserve. The war hawk, who do not hesitate to accuse his neighbour of thinking (in the head) to rape his wife just because the neighbour has the raping weapon (penis), hate Ron Paul because he will not send US citizen to sacrifice "for the country". The media hate Ron Paul because he will not continue the Ponzi scheme to keep feeding the crowd who do not make real tangible products.