Tuesday, September 27, 2011

David Koch Pushing Chris Christie Entry Into Presidential Race

NYT is reporting that David Koch is pushing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the race for nomination as the Republican presidential candidate.

NYT lists Koch, as a member of the "Draft Christie committee".  NYT also lists Kenneth G. Langone, the billionaire Home Depot founder, Paul E. Singer, a hedge fund magnate and Charles Schwab, as members of what NYT calls a "small but influential group."

NYT goes on:
In recent months, Christie enthusiasts have lighted up the phone lines between Manhattan and Trenton trying to persuade the governor to enter the Republican field amid growing concern about the current contenders.

Several dozen potential Christie backers attended a meeting in July convened by Mr. Langone to introduce the governor to top-shelf Republican donors, many of them on the sidelines so far in the 2012 campaign. Others saw him in action in June, when Mr. Christie quietly flew to Colorado to speak at a private retreat hosted by Mr. Koch and his brother, Charles, another prominent Republican donor.
 Given the growing strength of Ron Paul in the Republican race, Koch support for Christie will have many libertarians scratching their heads. There is no indication that Christie has any libertarian leanings, and their are many indications he is simply a front man for Republican elite, who are unhappy with the performances of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in the Republican presidential nomination race.

To think that Koch and the ultimate Wall Street insider, Langone, are sitting in a room plotting the launch of a Christie campaign is likely to cause any libertarian outside the Beltway to shudder.


  1. More like Koch has hired a bulldozer...

  2. What makes the RNC think that replacing one well fed apparatchik with no real ideas apart from keeping the extremely wealthy,extremely wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

  3. Why would Koch support for Christie have libertarians scratching their heads. The Koch brothers are not libertarians. They are establishment shills with the objective to minimize and obfuscate libertarian influence on society in order to keep the money rolling for the status quo.

  4. There's a Roy A. Childs fat joke here but I got nothing.