Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Quote I Can Use the Next Time Paul Krugman Posts Misleading Numbers

"This goes beyond holding views I disagree with (as does much of what happens in this debate). This is a deliberate attempt to fool readers, demonstrating that there is no good faith here."- Paul Krugman


  1. Yes, good one.

    The old adage "physician, heal thyself" springs to mind.

  2. Straighten me out, but shouldn't both Krugman and Thoma be deflating, i.e. adjusting, the Industrial Production BY the PPI? That would give a truer picture of real Production growth. Putting them next each other masks the fact that some of the growth of one is a result of the growth of the other. Am I missing something here? Just curious.

  3. shouldnt this quote be directly applicable to his comments about when RP was asked about a hypothetical young man with no health insurance?

  4. Yes. It is exactly what he did in that idiot article where he intentionally left off Paul's response, but mentioned the response of a few of the idiot Tea Party types in the crowd and left the implication that paul agreed with it.

    Krugman is such a clown!