Thursday, September 29, 2011

The FDA Totally Explained

James Altucher writes:

Let’s start with the worst and most corrupt semi-government institution known to
mankind: the Food and Drug Administration. The administration that lets you
smoke as many cigarettes as you need to get lung cancer, drink a ton of alcohol
to get liver cancer, but then won’t let you take any of the drugs or treatments
for lung cancer or liver cancer.
Read Altucher's full positively brilliant take on the FDA, medical doctors and the entire medical industry, here.


  1. The FDAs true reason for being is to keep the productive Tax Cattle somewhat healthy (yet stupid and weak enough to be controllable) and to make sure they die off at about 60 years old. To understand the Statist's mindset toward the citizenry you just need to consider a farmer's relationship with his livestock (like the great thinker Stephen Molyneux points out).

  2. These are the same people who recommend a "Food Pyramid" diet that makes people fat and stupid. They tell you to stay away from protein and fat and eat worthless sugar-coated sawdust pellets that they refer to as "Breakfast Cereal". That is all you need to really know about the FDA killers.

  3. Fantastic!

    The only thing he leaves out is eliminating IP rights for drugs and medical devices. This too will drive the cost of health care down as well as spur more rapid innovation.

  4. The terrorists in DC now have absolute control of medicine and food production. The FDA will be the lead organization for controlling the tax livestock...similar to the role of a veterinarian.

    The three most important organizations for human farming are FDA and Departments of Energy and Education.

  5. Although I read articles at "The Daily Bell" every few days, I keep their conspiratorial mindset at the forefront when examining them. Although I agree with a majority of their "conspiracy" ideas (they do great research and pull disparate strings together quite convincingly) I often consider the whole "small cabal of wealthy families control 20th century history" meme a bit outlandish.

    Articles like this, though, coupled with the comment by anon@318pm, make me think they may be more correct than I want to admit. Perhaps the gov't has one mission- keep us, fat, lazy, dumb and entertained while they try to run the world.

    I will add that one aspect of "TDB" that resonates deeply with me is the idea of the "internet reformation" wherein the (unanticipated) power unleashed by the internet has exposed the machinations of TPTB to a large audience, and that exposure has forced them to speed their plans for an NWO and single currency, and increased the chances that their duplicity will be exposed.

    God, re-reading that makes ME sound like a conspiracy theorist!

  6. "Perhaps the gov't has one mission- keep us, fat, lazy, dumb and entertained while they try to run the world"

    They can't run (don't you mean enslave?) the world without productive humans to steal from. These violent parasites do not want us too lazy, dumb, and entertained to the point were we refuse to be their productive slaves. This is how the Soviet Union failed. There has to be a balance in order to have productive yet controllable slaves.