Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is Angela Merkel Being Blackmailed by the CIA?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party continues to lose  in elections across Germany, as she continues to vote for Greek bailouts with German taxpayer money. All to save the bankster globalist eurozone.

Why is she putting her political career on the line for the banksters?

Sometime back, a very high level bankster told me, without going into details, that enormous pressure is being put on Merkel to keep the EZ together.

All this makes the comment by Lew Rockwell, a first class conspiracy theorist, fascinating to contemplate:
Angela Merkel was a youth leader in the East German Communist Party, and an informer for the secret police. I am not for prosecuting her, but how does she get to be leader of Germany, and enforcer of the Euro-bankocracy? Because the CIA has her dossier, and she is so blackmailable?


  1. The Banksters put her there in the first place...Do you not understand what goes on?
    She would not have much of a political career without the Bankster support...Neither would Obama. The Global Banksters selected her after the absolute moron Gerhard Shroeder became totally unelectable.

    Political terror group bailouts will always happen - the Greeks are not the fools!

  2. There was a shortlived news story a couple of years ago about Frau Merkel's passport photo in a file of the notorious STASI (East German State Security Agency) from the early Eighties. The file showed several persons who spied in the STASI's service on the famous regime critic Robert Havemann.

    When a German TV broadcaster wanted to make just another documentary about the STASI, Merkel declined to have her photo released for the TV feature - on grounds of "privacy protection". During the same period she got elected chancellor. Federal elections were held on September 18th, 2005 - the tiny article listing the facts was published two weeks later.,1518,377389,00.html

    End of story. No follow ups. Silence.

    However, maybe not so much silence, when Merkel meets with colleagues who have their own sources.

  3. They would have to have something better than that, the entire country spied on each other for the Stasi.

  4. @ Heath

    You´re wrong. If Merkels activities for the STASI were proven and out in the open she would be finished. Much smaller fish got fired for being STASI informants, actually.

  5. @ Heath

    You're wrong. If Merkels spying for the STASI would be proven and out in the open she would be finished. Much smaller fish have been fired for being STASI informants.

  6. The elite's best work is conducted at then end of a slackened leash.

  7. Correction to Anon @ 6:32 pm

    The elite's best work is conducted at the leading end of a slackened leash.