Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Slick Attack on Ron Paul by Gawker

The Gawker headline blares:
Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Died of Pneumonia, Penniless and Uninsured
The very misleading implication is that Ron Paul's campaign manager, Kent Snyder, died because he didn't have insurance and, thus, didn't get proper attention. And that, therefore, Ron Paul's stand against mandatory health insurance is wrong. Here's Gawker on Dr. Paul's response during the debate:
Should the state pay...[the] bills  [of a hypothetical person who has no insurance]? Paul responded, "That's what freedom is all about: taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everybody—"
Dr. Paul has regularly said that it is not the state but private charity and friends and neighbors that should help in emergencies. And that seems to be what has occurred in the case of Snyder. It can't be argued that he didn't receive treatment because he was uninsured. Gawker, itself, tells us that Snyder's medical bills are $400,000. That's a lot of care, even in a world of hyped up medical expenses.

And Gawker also tells us that as Ron Paul predicted friends do come to the rescue. The medical bills are now the responsibility of Snyder's mother. Richard Viguerie sent out an email asking for help for Snyder's mother that said in part:
I have just recently learned that Kent died without medical insurance. As reported in the Kansas City Star,, his friends have started a fund to collect the $400,000 in medical expenses with which his family has been saddled as a result of his early and untimely death.
Snyder's death is tragic, it was probably irresponsible that he didn't have major medical insurance, but this burden falls on his mother (and friends are trying to help her out). Where else should the burden have been placed?

In an addition to an attack on Ron Paul, Gawker is positioning this story as a reason for mandatory insurance whereby the government will determine what kind of insurance I must carry. I'm really missing the connection here. Because Snyder didn't buy insurance, we are supposed to cancel free market medical insurance and I'm supposed to be forced into buying medical insurance designed by political cronies and bureaucrats in Washington D.C?



  1. Charity begins at home. Churches and local communities can and want to do this work. Why do you think the Federal government want to take over this work? Because local charities apply the cure like a surgeon's laser bureaucrats, no central planning, just everyday people face to face with people in need. Which brings to the real problem,local charities know if what the do works or not. They can change direction on a dime if need be. They also can look straight in the eyes of someone that does not want to help themselves and move on to someone who does. American's are the most charitable people on earth.
    I often wonder what great things we could accomplish as a nation If government would just get out of the way.

  2. It is a true scumbag that demands that I - At threat of death - Live and Pay for other people. Democracy creates an entire Nation of absolute SCUMBAGS!


    Snyder conspiracy theory

  4. What's more, medical expenses wouldn't be anywhere near as high without the government's 50 thousand interventions into the health sector.

  5. Jeez, and why not go into how health insurance in America has basically been transformed into an entitlement program through government intervention and regulations.

    States mandate what insurance providers must cover even if they and their clients don't want that type of coverage. I know in some states it's illegal to sell a policy that only covers catastrophic care for Pete sake!

    And then the cherry on top: the illegality of purchasing health insurance from out-of-state or international providers.

    Insurance is way to pool resources in order to hedge risk. It is one of the means humans developed to manage the provision of health care. It is not the only means, and it shouldn’t be, and it’s certainly not an entitlement. Let the market system work. Abolish government provision and interference.

  6. Not to mention, people who have the best insurance die. Look at Ted Kennedy. BTW -- I contributed to the Kent Snyder fund.

  7. I just got over a 6-8 week case of pneumonia. I am an non-drinker/non-smoker, and I exercise 3+ times a week. I pay mostly out of pocket for nearly all my health care as I have near-catastrophic care type insurance. My total doctor visit and x-rays (2 batches of them) and prescriptions (2 batches of those too) came to about a thousand dollars. The symptoms were quite clear and the progress of the disease as well as the recovery was very slow. I know that it is very limited experience but the whole things seems odd. See Anon at 10:11 am for more elaboration.

  8. I guess nobody asked why the bill was....$400K !!!

    Due to political involvement in the medical field, the prices are beyond stupid. I bet the Statist Terrorists did not even mention that.

  9. I could've sworn that the liberty community raised over $100,000 toward the effort.

    No one with medical insurance pays full price anyway!! My own mother had ovarian cancer with 90% covered by insurance with the other covered by the hospital charity.

    Everything is negotiable.

    I just hope that nice lady didn't pay full retail on the medical bills.

  10. Not until the elite banking family's are wiped off the face of the earth will nations have honest governments, and we in America need to separate into states which support different world views. Can two walk together if they are not agreed?