Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is This What Black Americans are Thinking about Obama?

A black friend emails me:
2 things come to mind when I think of Obama


  1. I wish this is what the general black community thinks. Your friend seems more intelligent than the rest to recognize the reality.

  2. many blacks, like most liberals that support general welfare, haven't quite made the connection. in common, they largely blame unworkable republican congresses and a president that's too much of a nice guy, trying to appease everyone, for which he hasn't gotten a fair shake. they still don't get it, and, all but the most progressive (the reason i supported cynthia mckinney), barely notice that this administration accumulates power at the behest of its corporate and special interest donors and in the act works against their actual interests. our countrymen and women can't see the forest, that is capitalism and economics, through the trees: given their urgent sense of democracy, populism and entitlements.

    i think, however, you should rename this piece, as i am black, a black libertarian, if you will (that has completely come around to paul). and there are many blacks who don't agree that big government is the answer, even if most of these blacks have their limitations too, no different than white neocons and social conservatives that are fine with a government that looks out for their particular interests. with no sense of irony.

  3. lv, make that all those that voted in or still support the president, and let's talk.