Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rand Paul Seeks Vote Of No Confidence In Treasury Secretary Geithner

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul on the floor of the Senate called for a vote of no confidence in Treasury Secretary Geithner.


  1. I love this guy...

  2. Timmy TurboTax is doing exactly what he is being told to do. How is that no confidence?

  3. Rand is ok.

    He is much more mainstream than his father, he is a better speaker, and he likes to shake things up- but, he's a bit slippery on the edges. I don't know if he was using political strategy to have his campaign come out winning, but he did say some things back then (sorry, I can't remember details) that reminded me of neo-con blather.

    Thus far, I haven't seen any actions on his part that cause me concern. In fact, I think that he has certainly shown more guts than other Senators on the floor; but, that is based upon the videos that I see. I must admit, I am not too knowledgeable of his record.

    For all I know, we may just have another libertarian in Congress. Time will tell...

  4. Rand Paul voted to confirm Leon Panetta for Sec Dev. Ding.

  5. Neither Geithner or Senator Paul have taken a position on the proportional tariff. The key to reclaiming outsourced jobs to China is the passage of a proportional tariff, where the tariff is proportional to the trade deficit with a particular country. China’s tariff would be higher and Europe’s would be less. The great Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky was a strong proponent of tariffs. Thanks in part to Clay’s influence and passage of tariffs. the United States rose to become the world’s strongest economic power. Senator Paul needs to take up some of Senator Clay’s economics and endorse this idea.
    Besides bringing back jobs from China, the tariff reduces the federal government deficit (better than any current proposal by Senator Paul or President Obama), stabilizes the dollar and substantially reduces the trade deficit.
    At best, the approaches by Geithner and Paul are indirect. The trade deficit is a big driver of the federal government deficit and unemployment. The way to tackle the trade deficit is the tariff, which the United States has done throughout most of its history. Geithner and Paul are squandering Henry Clay's legacy of a strong American economy.

  6. Rand certainly is no Ron -- who is? -- but he did filibuster the Patriot Act and attempt to attach an amendment protecting gun rights to it. Obama and Reid were saying he was supporting terrorism, lol.

    That alone makes me view him as better than any other Senator, which isn't exactly huge praise by itself.